I want to wear REAL lingerie

For a long time I kind was kind of a show off. I acted like I was the best at s** even as a child. I needed a bf, talked to guys a lot etc. At some point I ended up trying to expose my chest at school. I made sure that everyone say it (I was in 2nd grade lol). I loved the attention but I needed something more. I became a full time s*** during the summer (since I went to the same camp every year). Every time a guy asked me to touch him or help him m*********, I would. I always tried to make myself appear sexy. I fixed my panties into thong like fixtures, made sure that my bra and b****** were showing etc. I would always find a way to expose myself. One way or another I would get noticed. As I got older, I would always look in the mirror and just dream of having lingerie. Having the tired old briefs and bikinis were just not cutting it anymore I needed something real. So I stole a thing from the store and wore it when I masturbated and under my skirts. I made sure my skirts looked as short as possible. I ended up getting my first black bra back when I was a DD hehe. I loved it. I looked and felt sexy as h***.
Every time that I go bra shopping with my mom she always tries to sexualize me and makes it seem like it's inappropriate for me to wear frilly or lacy things. It irritates my soul.

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  • Turned on and confused likee how old are you thoughhh

  • Yea, I kind of rushed this so I'll edit it. I'm 15 now.

  • This is a bit confusing

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