I flashed

My husband has always wanted me to expose myself to other men (and women) and it is definitely not my thing, Recently we went to Vegas and the first two days he did everything he could to get me to go out without my bra or my panties, he did everything short of throwing them in the garbage, He even hid my bra one morning.
Finally I decided "f*** it", We got ready to go out for the day, Not thinking I put on a short denim skirt and a fairly tight, Light blue t-shirt, we left the room and I told him I forgot something, Ran back in, Whipped off my bra and panties and met him at the elevator and the whole way down to the lobby I could tell he was looking at my b**** but didn't say a word, We went and did some shopping, Had lunch and a few drinks then just walked around, We went for supper and went to a few bars and I had noticed quite a few guys checking out my b**** but thought it was just because I wasn't wearing a bra which always attracts attention, Even I notice girls who aren't wearing a bra.
We were sitting in a bar and sitting side by side, I was drunk and h**** and took his hand sliding it up my skirt, I let him rub me for a second then stopped him, he never mentioned much about me being braless but I actually thought it was nice that he wasn't ruining it by talking about it constantly, We partied until the early morning then went back to the room and "did it", That afternoon when we finally got up he sat up looking at me, I looked at him and said "What", He looked at me and said "You were bold yesterday", I said "not really", He said "I have never seen you wear a see through shirt before", I said "What are you talking about", He said "your shirt, It was see through and you didn't even try to cover your nipples", I didn't believe him but I got out of bed, Picked up my shirt and pulled it on, I stepped up in front of the mirror and my heart sank, I have kind of dark nipples and you could totally see them right through my shirt.
Thank god we didn't meet up with anyone we knew.

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