I done a 3sum with my wife and ex wife

One night me, my wife and my girlfriend who is now my wife all three went to a bar together. The girls both got a little drunk and started kissing each other and sucking each others blobs while I drove us home. I had a real good woody going as I watched them go at it. My fantasy of me, my wife and girlfriend having s** together was about to become reality. Soon as we got home we all 3 headed straight for the bedroom and got naked. My wife started eating my girlfriends p**** while I watched. Then I had my wife lift her ass so I could f*** her while she kept eating my girlfriends p****. Every guys fantasy we all 3 lived together and slept in the same bed and screwed for 3 days. I f***** my wife in the shower while thinking girlfriend is next. After 3 days it went south and decided to keep my girlfriend and make her my new wife as the p**** was way tighter and she was prettier

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