Saw wife with black man

My name is John and my wife is janet , we live in northern New Jersey and we, ve been married for 13yrs now and we are both in your early 40, wife is 5:7 185lbs with a nice chubby as and a 42c b****. I always had a desire to see Janet get f***** by a giant black c*** and I spent a lot of time on websites like that but never had the courage or guts to ask her or tell her. My wife is not very out going so I thought just as well make it only a fantasy until recently. Last week end my wife told me that she had a retirement party at work and she would be home late , so I said ok she got home around 1:00am in the morning and she smelled of alcohol I asked her how the party went , she said good but she was tired and going right to bed and with that she took her dress off and jumped into bed naked and fell asleep. The next morning I got up early and went to by orange juice for our breakfast , when I returned home janet was in the shower humming and singing away I told her where I went and she said ok, just than her phone buzzed so I picked it up like i normally do and give it to her but before I could say anything i noticed a name where it was coming and didn't recognize it the name said jaylin and the caption had to hearts next to it so I immediately opened it to see what it was and to my shock there were pictures of my wife having s** with a black man with a very large c*** and the reading on it Said thanks for last night hope to see you soon I was stunned and hurt , but part of me was turned on by it I have not said anything yet b/c I don't want to b/c I would like to watch her having s** with this young stud but I m also scared I might loose her but the turn on is so f****** hot so should I tell her I know, ? Or just live my fantasy out and see what happens..

May 27, 2014

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  • My wife mentioned she wanted to be blacked so i arranged for her to meet a black guy and they quickly became f*** friends......last week she told me she was pregnant, she figured out when conceived both knew i was not the father I than asked her if it was Jimmy she told me maybe not sure because she has been f****** his room mate on a regular basis I am ok with it...

  • You should discuss this whith her. If it's her fantasy ok. But if its a way of scape from marriage, soon there will be no marriage at all.

  • Married white women always l*** after black men,they just cant help it.From now on,she will be f****** black men and she is already hooked on that.Just sit back and enjoy her adventures.She will be getting pregnant soon and you gonna raise that bi-racial baby as your own.

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