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One day I was looking for something and I came across a pack of photos I had not seen before , The photos was all of my wife either on her own or with someone with her , So obviously my wife did not take the photos I recognised the girls with her it was her work colleagues , This was when she had gone on a works training course , I looked at the photos of my wife in some of them looked a bit drunk but you can't tell , All the photos of my wife she did not look aware that she was being photographed , Anyway the photos that bothered me was of my wife dancing with a old guy it's hard to tell in photo but it looked like he was all over her , She did not look bothered by this either I checked through the photos and some was missing , Also in some my wife was showing a lot of leg , At this particular time when I had found the photos my wife was having problems at work with one of the girls , The girl she was having problems with would have been the one that took the photos , I could not understand why my wife did not sack her she would talk to my wife like dirt and get away with it , This his making alarm bells ring in my head , I'm no private detective , I said to my wife why don't you sack her , she has got the power but she said it's not that easy , Please give me your opinions and thoughts please be has brutal has you want I want to know if I'm imagining things .

Apr 9, 2018

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  • A 'pack' of photos? You mean like the ones you need to get developed at a shop? Who does that anymore?! I thought everyone uses their phone to take pics these days.

    Hmmm...this story seems fake to me. Next time, can you please put a bit mote effort into your fantasy confessions? Thanks.

  • Doon't worry about that lady your wife works with--that's no big deal. I would be worried about your wife dancing with that guy, though. She was obviously hot and wet for him, and you know it didn't start and stop there--she likely f***** him and loved every minute of it. Sorry, bro.

  • Could it be your a bit a n a l by nature and over analyzing ?

  • No something his wrong

  • I don't get it about some old guy that may or may not have his hands on your wife. Or is this about some co worker? And what did this coworker do? Not sure where you're located but it is true that it's not always that easy to let go of an employee, even when it's at will. But why does it matter to you so much. Are you trying to catch your wife so you can divorce her or something? What is your agenda? The photos don't sound all that incriminating. But if they are to you, then show her what you found and ask for her to explain.

  • I think my wife cheated and her work colleague has photos of her has
    proof , thats why she gets away with murder also gets all the easy jobs

  • Is it you or your wife who says the coworker gets "easy" jobs? And how is that your problem? if your wife says that she cheated, what's the next step? What do you want to happen? You seem pretty convinced she is...or has.

  • My wifes other colleagues told me ,Its not my problem but it's favouritism to someone she does not like , I need to know then I will make a decision , My wife his acting weird

  • Made your decision yet?

  • You're imagining too much.

  • I don't think so , My wife acts a bit guilty

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