I get made fun of every day

So I don't know how to tell people my dreams of being a rapper. Everyone is so quick to judge or tell me I won't make it. So there for it is hard to tell people I wanna rap when I grow up. Now for kids who are reading this I don't mean rap like lilpump or jay z or the new fake ass people they call rappers. Anyone can get on a microphone and mumble rhymes that make no sense. I'm talking rap like the legends like tupac eazy e dr dre Eminem and all the others

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  • Why let others decide your future?

  • Be the best that you can be. Get a job and put the funds towards your music. Make good sounding tracks and sell them through a website. Market yourself to local venues. Always maintain the rights to your songs, even if you sign with a major label. You can do it!

  • There is nothing wrong with having this dream, just make sure to have a backup plan or at least your basic education so you can build on that if you need to.

  • I just tried to rap your post. nice flow.

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