Needing my husband's friend to dominate me

I am S from Inverness. I am 35 and a married to my husband who recently turned 40. My husband has a serious health complaint which means that while we have a very intimate and loving s** life he isn't able to be rough and physical with me and sometimes a girl just wants to be f*****.

My husband and I came to an arrangement where I can have s** with one of his friends. Sometimes he watches, sometimes he listens and sometimes he can't be in the house. I sometimes worry that he is hurt by my f****** his friend but I really need it.

The problem is that his friend is a nice guy and while he has plenty of stamina and f**** me like a train, which I love, he isn't very good at dirty talk. I really want him to call me a s*** and a w****, talk about me getting turned on cheating on my husband, about me letting him f*** me bareback and that he's c****** in me so much I'll get pregnant. I mean I really want him to treat me like a s** object and degrade me but I am beginning to wonder if he's too nice and can't see a way to get him to do these things without it sounding like I am criticizing the way he f**** me. I want him to keep f****** me but I need him to dominate and degrade me.

He's coming over in a few days and I am so f****** desperate for him to dominate me.


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  • Just say to him, dominate and degrade me, you dirty little f*** s***

  • Not every man who f**** like a machine necessarily wants to be dominant. It may seem like the reasonable next step to you, but likely not to him. If he's not into dirty talk, you're only going to make things worse by managing towards it. He may also feel a little guilty about the arrangement, and not want to intensify it emotionally. Either way, I don't think that level is going to happen with him. Good luck with your search.

  • Sound hot email me for this fun

  • Wow. You sound pretty awesome to be honest. I would love to talk so dirty and be so dominating without the woman taking offence or being put off.

    I was f****** this girl while her boyfriend worked nights, I would occasionally call her a w**** and tell her she is my s** s*** and her boyfriend is meaningless etc but she would get upset. Even though she wore lingerie for me that her boyfriend bought her, but she couldn't handle the dirty talk.

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