Tomorrow won't come

I said goodbye today my heart is broken. I'll always remember her beautiful smile. It is truly forever in my mind a memory.

Apr 10, 2018

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  • I am not happy for the royals at all. so what ? I don't have to be. they don't care about me so why should I care about them. why do the media sell the lie to the world? when will the world wake up to the truth that they are all about themselves and hate us. see them for the real people they are and not the proper-gander of "oh, they are so lovely and caring and care care care about people"? how about the hand over their money to us then if they care so much? they could stop unemployment and loneliness for everyone if they cared that much? they don't care. stop selling the she has another s******* kid and marriages? then why can't the rest of us? just because they are such b****** and they want us envious and empty. they don't want to see you or me happy working and happy getting married. we might put our minds to our own uses and do something that they won't get praised for. the queen don't care about us? nope. she no sweet lady, she old and crazy. she killer.

  • My thoughts is to u .wow I rember that day I was binning that day of a hard miss ing hole of lost in my life

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