My husband (32) and I (29)are recently married (8 months) and I was left in charge of house sitting my sisters house while they were away on vacation a few months ago, My husband and I were going through netflix and couldn't find anything we wanted to watch so we started fumbling through their DVD collection and stumbled across a home movie stuck way in the back where their kids wouldn't be able to reach.
He looked at me and I looked at him and he said "No...Yes?...No...", I said "Pffft...Do you think???" and we giggled as we popped it in and were both excited and to our delight...Yup, Home porn. I know my husband thinks my older sister is attractive and my brother in law is a good looking guy and WOW do they get it on...My brother in law has quite the package and I actually expected my husband to be somewhat unnerved by his size but I think it actually turned him on. I have in the past caught the odd glimpse of it through sweat pants or whatever and walked in on him changing into swim trunks once when I was 15 and although it was the first one I had seen at that point I knew it was huge.
My sister is 38, short and average built with smallish "Mom boobs" and my brother in law is 40, tall with an average build and a huge penis, There was over 3 hours of compiled footage which started in the first scene with my sister doing a bit of a strip show and we sat down on the couch, My husband was wearing sweats and had a very obvious boner the second my sister took the screen braless, It was obviously an older scene since it was filmed in a house they haven't lived in for at least 16 years, We were both nervous and excited and my husband looked at me in shock as i slid my hand into his sweats, My husband is not small but not big, We measured one time and he is 6.5 inches hard and according to him my brother in law is at least 8 or possibly even a bit more.
We were giggling and whispering for some reason (as if we weren't alone) and he lifted his hips whipping his sweats and underwear off, I popped off my bra and we started groping each other as we watched her take her shirt off, We were talking and he whispered "this is crazy", and the camera zoomed in on her as she squeezed her boobs together which I was kind of surprised at how perfect they were before kids, Not big but perfectly symmetrical and firm and then I realized, I looked at my husband and said "Holy shit...they aren't even married in this one" and we both looked, No rings not even an engagement ring so she would have been about 20 probably.
First two scenes were not real crazy, My brother in law obviously enjoyed watching her strip and she would make him turn off the camera before I got to see anything but my husband was obviously enjoying the show and the touching, my hand was all slippery with precum and he made me slow down a couple times so I went to the bathroom and grabbed a hand towel handing it to him saying "Just incase". The third scene was in their old house and both had wedding rings on but it was obviously before kids, That was the scene where I got really into it. My sister had the camera and my brother in law was standing in the kitchen, She put the camera on the table, walked up behind him and pantsed him, He turned around to face the camera and I stopped stroking my husband and we both stopped and stared.
My husband looked at me and raised one eyebrow as he looked at my pokies and said "really?", I looked at him and said "Hey...i mean..." and he giggled then leaned in and nibbled my earlobe as he whispered "You ever seen it before?", I told him what I had seen in the past but told him I had never actually gotten a good look. I should mention that my husband and I are both quite open and we hold nothing back, I know which friends of mine he would bang and vise versa, We have told each other about past exploits and we know each others fantasies and what turns each of us on. We watched as my sister stood in front of him and stroked it a bit then she got on her knees and took his big, dangling "Nutsack" as my husband so eloquently described it in her hand and started working him.
I was not only impressed with his size but also how with a penis that big it stood straight up, She never even put a hand on it and it was pointing at the ceiling as she licked her way up and down it then sucked his balls and when she got up on her knees and slid her lips over the tip my husband cleared his throat and sat up a bit, to both of our surprise she started sliding up and down and in about 5 strokes she slid all the way to the base, we both looked at each other wide eyed and watched as my sister, The perfect housewife, The prim and proper girl, the virgin until 18 by her choice despite many attempts by would be suitors deep throated a humongous penis like it was nothing, She worked her head from side to side and took it all then looked up at him.
Sadly that scene ended when she stood up and he led her out of the room but we were soon engrossed in the next scene, The whole video was edited in an effort to build suspense, Either that or it was a perfect coincidence where one scene left you wondering if the next would show more, Two more blowjobs with the ending cut off and then my husband got to watch my sister in the tub as she molested herself with the detachable shower head. The next scene caught us both a bit off guard, My sister on her hands and knees as she crawled across the bed then folded up a pillow as she put her head on it and folded her arms under it, My brother in law put the camera on the dresser and we watched him lick her pussy from behind and then worked his way up and licked her butt hole while rubbing and fingering her and she got off.
Things progressed and we finally got to watch them have sex, I was hoping for a pull out but obviously they were working toward kids so..., A couple sex scenes and some naked massaging then my sister pregnant, posing nude, pregnant and my husband looked at me saying "Wow, She looked good pregnant and I have to admit she did, Smooth skin, Big boobs and nothing but belly. Sometime after my oldest niece she did a video and her boobs were still huge compared to before and she looked amazing, She actually looked like she had lost weight and had tripled her boob size which i remember her telling me she had gone up to a D or possibly DD when pregnant.
By this time I was laying on my side with my husband in me from behind and I was trying my best not to finish but then a scene came on which since it was in their new house was either after the second or third baby, Again her boobs were huge and she looked great, she had started shaving her pussy bald and he laid her back on the exact couch we were on which only added to my problem, He straddled her chest and she wrapped her big boobs around his huge penis and let him shove it in her mouth every stroke as he had more than enough to stick out the top. My husband was rubbing me, I had my legs spread laying on my side and my husband bit my neck then whispered "He's gonna come"the camera was on the coffee table and he tensed up, Grabbed the camera and pointed it at my sister as he came, He pulled back out of her mouth and she squealed as he shot his load up the side of her face, She laid there looking very angry as he came A LOT all over her face, Neck and then she opened her mouth and finished him before saying "Motherfucker...get me a fucking towel". She was obviously angry but that was all I could handle.
I started coming and thank god i had put a towel under us because we both came so hard together, We were laying there breathing heavy reveling in our amazing orgasm which had been building for over two hours of groping, Licking, Kissing, sucking and fucking but almost instantly he got hard again when the tv showed my sister recently. Even with her saggy, stretched boobs he says she looks great but this scene was different...It was my brother in law on the couch with his pants down and his huge cock in his hand and my sister massaging his balls but there was someone else running the camera. I looked back at my husband and he whispered "What the..." and as soon as we heard the voice he was rock hard again.
My sisters best friend who babysat me and my husband when we were both younger started talking dirty and playing director, It was so hot and when she set the camera down and knelt beside my sister my husband started fucking me again, He has always had a babysitter fantasy with her, She is a bit chubby now but has ridiculous boobs, Easily E-cups and super firm, I never would have guessed they were into that but I got off watching her ride my brother in law while my sister sat back rubbing herself and my husband got off twice, once watching her missionary with him and never missed a beat staying hard until her and my sister 69'ed with my brother in law running the camera and then my sister finished first and her friend sat on my sisters face while giving my brother in law head and the whole thing finished with a messy double mouth shot which wasn't a facial but they both had come everywhere as they kissed and finished him.
that was the final scene but after about an hour break my husband licked me as I laid back skipping to some of my favorite scenes and when he could get it up again he got off once more, they were gone for a week and we spent most of it locked in the house ordering takeout and watching their movie, I could only guess how many time we each got off but it was probably more in that week than most of our sexual lives put together, We had it on the tv in the bathroom as we showered, The living room as we reenacted the scenes on the same couch and I gave my husband his first ever chance to come on my face...Not happening again.
Sooooo hot and Sooooo wild. I can't wait to house sit for them again.

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