Polyamorous ideation

I have a deep desire to have a polyamorous relationship with my wife and a good friend of hers. Her friend is probably one of the best people I've ever met (next to my wife). Sexy, nice, and super smart. Her only problem is that she married and divorced a couple of real douchebags. She seems to be attracted to men beneath her and that bothers me because she's such a catch. I'd never cheat on my wife to be with her because, frankly, my wife is pretty damn awesome too (plus we have kids). I have this fantasy that my wife ends up fooling around with her and confesses to me only to find out that I'm not jealous (normally I am, but the thought of the two of them together just warms my heart). I imagine that we then have some 3-way relations and then months later, things get more heated and she moves in with us. She brings her teenage son along and we all take care of the kids together as one big family. I know it seems crazy, but it's something I've dreamed about. It would actually benefit all of us. My wife and I could use the help with our three kids and her teenage son could use a male role model that isn't a complete loser (although this situation would be tough to navigate). Our combined income would make life easier and we'd all be sexually satisfied. I've never thought of this sort of scenario with anyone else but this woman with my wife. TBT it'll never happen but it's nice to ponder.


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  • Talk to side about it

  • How on earth would I approach her without making things uncomfortable with her and my wife. If she brought up something like it then I'd be more inclined.

  • OP here. So, things are getting a bit weird. My spouse and I have discussed moving away, and she actually suggested we bring "other" along too. In a joking way, but still. Then I made some "sister wife" joke to no reaction whatsoever. I think that she's actually thinking about this without my involvement...can this actually happen...OMG I hope

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