Watching cops arrest a business man and rumble roll with him

I seen a police officer arresting a politician and escort him off the business property and this arroused me and I got so h**** and excited. I wanted to see more of his gabbing shirt and undone buttons slips out to show his bare hairy chest and fat stomach and the way his pants slightly fell down around closer to his crack sort gave me a sensation I can barely describe other then exhausted titillation. They proceeded to do a slight rolling rumble and for 2 males to be rolling around was a serious turn on and customers were watching I found my p**** rise to the point I had to hide it with a ice-cream container I found near by, since then ice-cream containers sexually turn me on as much but hope to see this rumball of men around me some time soon to enjoy the show better then hulk or large cats, but then again. The best part was all the money fall out of them trousers and I went and got some. wooohhoooo!

May 5, 2018

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  • I love it when stories are both obviously fake and badly written. In Bizarro World, anyway.

  • No Problem With that! Whatever floats your boat!

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