Didn’t Cream right

Sooooo like I’m a 34 year old woman and I have always thought my p**** was broken or it just didn’t work right. My boyfriend in high school looked at it once with disgust and he told me “eww your p**** doesn’t cream right!” I always thought having a naturally dry v***** was the thing men wanted in a woman, right. So for 10 years after he told everyone we knew that my “p****y doesn’t cream right” I tried all different creams to get it to be the right consistency... shaving cream, ice cream, whipped cream... they all made my l**** all sticky and really sour smelling but I thought that’s what men wanted! I went through at like 12 dozen gallons of mint chocolate chip loading them in my v***** with an ice cream scoop and for over a decade nobody told me that my vaginal odor was unbearable or wrong!! Not until finally a doctor was like “ma’am why are their chocolate bits lodged in your cervix” did ANYONE raise a red flag to this behavior.

All because a boy told me my p**** didn’t Cream right

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  • It is time for you to get premarin cream and use it to lubricate your v*****.

  • I can't believe I just wasted 3 min of my life reading this crap?

  • Bullshit.....you need not to impress someone who just look at you for physical pleasure.....you'll find great men to take care....but first fix that p**** as per doctor's advice...good luck

  • Ice cream.....why....just...why...

  • Haha that's awesome and hilarious. Don't feel bad about it. Lube might not be a bad idea though.

  • Reading this made my brain hurt. Not sure who's dumber. You, or the boy who said that "you don't cream right". I don't even know what that means. Haven't you ever heard of personal lubricants? Any drugstore will sell them. Is your education system so bad that you don't know the basics of the human reproductive system?

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