Can you love someone you dont know?

So I am a fifteen year old boy and I think I'm I love with this girl page. So I have always thought she was pretty but me and her never really communicated. Mostly because I am way to scared to actually use words around her. Now she's been there since the beginning like she was the only one to ask how I broke my jaw. Well today there was a feild trip to pudget sound. Now me and her plus one of my friends and her friends who are dating were in a group. Now page is not only beautiful at personality. She is so sexy like I hate to say it but sometimes I dream about me and her like in a place where the world has me as a god and she actually loved me. Its weird. So not only was the beach beautiful but it had a romantic vibe. Me and her love animals and she surprisingly likes to hold crabs. She thinks they are cute. Well we spent all day finding and talking about crabs. No we laughed and she touched me. Not sexually. But her skin and mine actually collided with each other. And we well I was shocked like I couldn't breathe and couldn't think. I now wanna know what happens next. Like will we keep being friends or will it go back to exchanging words every now and than

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  • Oh god im in the same place you are...But im a girl and hes a guy.

  • Go out as a group to the movies or something so you can get to know her better...
    Then gradually start showing your interest while at the same time letting her come to you. It's subtle things like saying hi when you see her in the halls that put you on her radar.

  • Don't ask her out. Ask if she wants to do something and you would like a friend to talk with when you go to do it.
    That means have something to do that interest you and her.
    Asking for a particular date night might friend zone you. A friend who has no romantic chance.

  • Ask her out

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