My friends mum

I was in year 8 at a friends sleepover,just me him and his family. I had a thing for his mum. She was early to mid 40 slightly chubby, fat t*** and a nice round ass that made me druel. It was relatively late at night when I decided to use the toilet. I finished up and just before I zipped my jeans up, I saw a basket just sat next to my friends bath. What was in this basket, my mums friends panties. They were solid black at the front but mesh around her crack. I could see Tracey's middle aged discharge and inhaled her scent. I had added her on Facebook about a year before and knew that I wanted, no needed to have a w*** over her moist panties (they were from the day before she bathes everyday). Just as I was about to release her nude body comes flying in ass first into my flustered face. She must have needed a p*** so bad that she came in like that. I enhaled her a**** fumes as she slid down my face. And I shot all around her hairy p****. She turned around realising what had just happened and said oh my lord. She noticed her now c** sodden panties in my hand and told me to go back to my friends room and to be in her room at 2:30 in the morning. I complied, just after my friend drifted off to sleep, I creeped along the silent dark landing and into his mothers candle lit room. She told me to pull my top off. She saw my chizzled body that had fired from years of boxing and hockey. She whispered tom, come over here. I again complied. She said "you like my panties well how about my body. I was even more arouzed than I was before. My throbbing 6 inch (yes my puberty started way to early) h****** lead itself into her smelly, arsehole. We f***** for hours and despite her being unmarried and (as far as I know) unbothered by men for the past 10 years, Tracey knew her way around my p**** like the back of her hand. I'm now still in year 8. I occasionally go around for a sleepover and just f*** his mum. (I don't c** in her p**** tho I don't want a kid yet)

May 8, 2018

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  • Super hot, turned me on. Keep having fun!

  • Keep up the good work.

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