Wife’s boyfriend before me

I love knowing my now wife was sneaking out to f*** her ex boyfriend.When I finally caught on to it she had no excuse and fessed up. We had been spending Friday and Sat together but as soon as she left back for her place she would secretly meet with him for s**. She said she understood if I chose to leave what we had been building. After asking her what it was that kept her going back to him she said it was all sexual. I asked her to go into deep detail and to just be totally honest.She admitted he was very good in bed and had a much bigger c*** than mine and stamina like no other. When I asked her to show me how big he was she refused than just came out and said he had at least 9 inches and very thick.
After about 3-4 weeks of not seeing her and me getting over her desire to keep f****** him when she had me I decided to get back with her.She told me she loved me and wanted to be with me forever.I told her I couldn’t control her and i wanted to be with her so if she had any desire to have s** with him I’d understand I just couldn’t be without her. I’d even wait till she was ready.
She was totally too hot and built well to just let her go.Even my friends thought I was crazy but they didn’t have any idea.

One day she finally admitted he had another girl and she was done with him. To this day which is some 5 years later we are married we still talk about his huge c*** and how she loved getting f***** by him.She tells me how good his huge c*** felt inside of her pounding her deep and making her c** over and over.
This has spiced up our love making and now I know for sure c*** size matters

May 8, 2018

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  • My girlfriend's ex was large, (gossip) but she told me size doesn't matter. I was partying with her friends and one girl mentioned when her and her ex were together she talked about loving his big c*** all the time.

  • Same problem with my wife!! Her excuse is that I am too small to pleasure her so she has " big built friends" and I am her loving "lap" dog who now only gets to "pleasure' her orally.

  • When I was in high school Staying the night at my friends house he was changing my jaw dropped his c*** was over 7” limp and enormous around. I complemented him saying he has a huge impressive size c*** we even compared and measuring each other. My 5 3/4” long and just under 5” around p**** was tiny compared to his 9 1/2” long and 6 3/4” around c***. I told him how I wondered how girls I dated would compare us during s** we talked about doing it. But it never or I never got the nerve to ask and before long out of school and married. Still best friends I asked my wife if she would like to have a threesome with my friend. Telling her how much bigger he was I could see she was excited but she said no at first. It was a few days later after s** she asked again about his size and said she wanted to see if he would fit. My wife’s a tiny girl only 4’10” and 85 lbs a very tiny petite girl my friend was very excited to f*** her. I was surprised how quickly he was able to fit his entire c*** inside her little p****. Well it wasn’t little anymore not after several hours of serious pounding and multiple o****** later. My wife the whole time screamed how huge his c*** felt and thanked him for giving her the best f*** of her life. Continue

  • The wives I f*** know I’ve got an actual fiancé, but they keep f****** me behind their hubbys backs. A couple husbands found out but they still come for me. They say they love me and my c*** more.

  • It's possible that I am one of the husbands you mentioned. After almost six years of marriage I found out my wife had continued to f*** her ex-boyfriend. She said she couldn't give him up, and for as long as he would have her she would go for him, no matter what I said or felt or thought. Of course it hurt like h***, being sexually inferior and having her leave home to get with him. That was three years ago, and they are still going strong and she and I are still married. But I know who she "belongs" to, and they both remind me constantly. She is one of those rare women who can have any man she wants, and she wants him, so I have no choice but to allow her to have him. And that other man actually does sound like you.

  • I think it's nice you two worked this out and you can talk about her enjoying her ex boyfriend's big c*** without getting jealous.

  • My ex wife did the same thing

  • I have a small c*** and while my wife says she enjoys s** with me, I have seen her with well hung guys. The s** she has with them and the number of o****** she has during their s** session is incredible. So yes, size matters!

  • My wife occasionally mentions the black guy she used to f*** before we met. She usually just screams for more, deeper or to stretch her which I just can't do. Then one time she yelled I'm too small, slid me out, then grabbed a massive d**** from her drawer and began f****** herself yelling out his name! I just watched as she came. On some days she makes me take the ruler test to f*** her otherwise she uses the d****. I love being denied!

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