Came out

So my wife and I were watching some after hours skinimax type stuff. She ups and asks me, "Would you ever have s** with another man?" I said, "Nope. That would be cheating." She said, "What if we had never met?" I said, "Then that depends." She said, "On what?" I said, "Circumstance." She said, "Have you done anything with a man before?" I said, "Yes." She said, "Like what?" I said, "Oral and a***." She said, "You f***** a guy in the ass?" I said, "No. He f***** me." She said, "Wow. Really? Did you like it?" I said, "First time it hurt at first." She said, "First time? How many times?" I said, "You really want to know?" She said, "H*** yeah I wanna know. This is kinda hot!" I said, "Well, I had s** with my boss when I was 18. Couple times a week for about a year or so." She said, "So you were gay?" I said, "Not gay. Didn't have a girl friend. I was h****. He wanted to f*** me. So we had s** till I met a girl. Just didn't care about meeting a girl for a while." She said, "Just him?" I said, "Nope. Before I met you. I had s** with a guy for a couple years. Divorce is a b****. Didn't want to see any women." She said, "Wow. So you're just a hornball. Guys. Girls. Don't matter?" I said, "So now ur mad?" She said, "Not at all. I know you like women. Just didn't know you liked men also. And a bottom. Never would have guessed."

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  • Love having s** with a man. I am a bottom and enjoy the c*** inside of me. It's so tight but I love it. Wife doesn't mind. She gets hers from black man. She loves BBC

  • I would love to try f****** a man, just like you.

  • My bf used let another boy suck him off when he was in his early teens, usually at the back of an empty shop on the way home from school. He said it was the other boy who initiated it. He said the boy would strip naked and offer to let my bf to take him up the ass. He said the boy would lick his ass, and would even kneel in front of him and let my bf pee in his mouth. It turns me on to think he did these things. I've asked him whether he would still enjoy having s** with another guy and he said he would, so I've asked him whether he would consider MMF. He said he would as long as he was the top. That would suit me because I would love to see him using and dominating another guy, I'd love to see him get another guy to suck him off and swallow his c**. I would really be turned on by watching my bf use another guy as his slave, and I'm hoping that we can maybe make this happen.

  • This sounds hot, I would love to be dominated by your bf, he can f*** me hard in the ass and then I'll suck him off until he c***. It's made sooo much hotter by the thought of you watching me get treated like a little b**** by your bf!

  • You will love it.

  • My wife and I had a similar conversation when she asked if I ever thought about messing around with another guy. I told her about back in high school me and my best friend used to fool around sometimes. She was shocked, she was a year behind me in school and said she had a crush on both of us back then . She asked why we would mess around saying she knew we were going out with lots of girls back then. I explained to her that most of the girls were just teases , would get us excited then stop and that would be it. We eventually just started getting each other off at the end of the night. Thinking we just jerked each other off, she was more shocked when she found out we used to suck each other's c****.

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