Park bench

Me and my wife had been married for 25 yrs kids had grown up and moved on my wife was still looking good . We would go out together but sometimes I would go out with my mates and she would go out with hers not usually on the same nights . My wife always looked really nice always made a big effort , her skirts was short but not slutty and she always wore high heels because she liked her shoes . When we went out together I've never known her to get drunk but with her work mates she did on occasions , One particular night we both went out her with her friends and me with mine , I was walking home about 2.30am still quite sober when I noticed a couple some distance in front of me , I was gradually catching them up when I recognised who it was , it was my wife and the guy was from the storeroom from where my wife worked , I knew who he was because my wife worked in the office and to get to her office she had to walk through the storeroom , I remember my wife telling me about him that he was always staring at her making lewd comments to her and that he gave her the creeps . At this stage I noticed my wife was a bit worse for wear (DRUNK) and he was trying to grope her , My first initial feelings was to stop it , but I didn't instead I moved closer to a spot where I could not be seen just watching to see what happens , I've never had feelings for watching my wife with someone but this was having a effect on me I did not recognise. He was grabbing her backside has they was walking and then they came up to a park bench , He sat my wife down then put his arm around her and was trying to kiss her he kept looking about to see if anyone was about . Then he opened her jacket then undone the buttons on her blouse he looked about again before undoing her bra . He pushed her bra up exposing my wife's t*** then like a animal he was licking and sucking on her t*** this went on for a time , Then he put his hand on my wife's leg pushing her skirt up I could see her thong which did not hide much anyway he looked around again , This time he laid her down then put his hands up my wife's skirt then pulled her thong off , He pushed her legs open staring at her bald C - - - before burying his head between my wife's legs , then he was pushing his fingers in and out of her he then stood up undoing his jeans then pulling his pants down , At this stage I came to my senses I didn't want it to go on any further so I started shouting my wife's name like I was looking for her this made him panic and run off . I finally got her home safe feeling ashamed of my self , but then I thought if I didn't come along it would have been worse and I would not have known anying about it . My wife was oblivious to what had happened , She still used to tell me about this guy in the storeroom staring at her she said he does not stare at anyone else but her , A few years later he passed away I always wanted to say something to him that id seen what he was doing and did he enjoy it ,Still turns me on . What Now any suggestions

May 9, 2018

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  • My wife had a similar person she worked with. She complained about him, but I could tell she liked it. I stopped by the shop and told him I was her husband. I told him I never get jealous but excited about someone flirting with my wife. I told him, as an experiment, not to say anything to her & I would call him. She started complaining he was ignoring him. So I called him & told him what she said. I told him he had my permission to try to f*** her. She came home & complained he touched & rubbed her ass & told her he was going to get this from her. She acted upset. But when I asked if she wanted me to talk to him, she said no. A week later, she went out with the girls.
    He had called me & told me he was taking my wife out & was going to f*** the s*** out of her. He asked if there were any limits. I told him no. He could do anything with her he wanted. Don't force her but seduce her.
    My wife got home at 5 am. She said sorry but the girls would not stop talking. He gave me a full report the next day. He told me he even took my wife's ass.
    My wife has been getting f***** by him & she has been bubble now. Like a little girl. Plus, she's been giving me more s**.

  • Finally a man who respects and loves his wife...glad that a****** is dead

  • Leave the bra and panties at home do not take any along.Wear some holey clothes.

  • My virgin fiancée doesn’t wear panties, if she’s wearing a short skirt. I wish all the men that get a peak know that they’re seeing virgin p****.

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