My history teacher

I have had a massive crush on my history teacher since last year, he's mean but old, everytime he insults me I get so turned on, there's rumours that he's dating a girl who came to my school, which made me think that if I graduate, it won't be illegal for us to be together. There's just something so attractive about him, he's old but he's got a slim body and always wear a super sexy suit.

May 9, 2018

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  • I have a crush on my friends father. He is much older so I don't know if he is interested. He gives me this look that melts me. Somebody is always around us. I just cannot stop thinking about him. Is this normal for a 13 yo girl?

  • Trust me, if you are hot looking & or fit chances are he’s thinking the same way you are.
    That of course if you are of age.
    I bet he checks out your t*** and ass all the time. Probably even jerks off to your bubble butt when Wifey is gone.
    Probably give you the best dicking and sucking you’ve ever had

  • h*** yeah......go for him.......dont stop till you got him and know hes yours.......

  • So...figure out a way to let him know you are interested in him! Who knows? He may be interested in you!

  • I always felt like if a girl had her phone taken for texting in class the teacher would try and go threw yhe photos or atleast i would lol but u should get ur phone taken and make ur cover photo of u masterbating to his pic

  • Unzip him plz

  • I had the biggest crush on this guy. After we kissed I suddenly thought he was gross self interested

  • Remember the moment on Forest Gump. She f***** the school teacher to get her kid in to regular school. I let a this old guy put his hands up my shirt and feel my b**** in order to get a holiday job. The really weird thing was after I got the job he never tried again. Now I'm at college and people talk about unwanted harrassment and I think how weird that he'd not forced me or anything and then treated me well after.

  • Just f*** him now, I'm sure he'll want to suck and f*** asexy teen

  • I’d love to f*** a sexy teen.

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