My history teacher

I have had a massive crush on my history teacher since last year, he's mean but old, everytime he insults me I get so turned on, there's rumours that he's dating a girl who came to my school, which made me think that if I graduate, it won't be illegal for us to be together. There's just something so attractive about him, he's old but he's got a slim body and always wear a super sexy suit.

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  • I have a crush on my friends father. He is much older so I don't know if he is interested. He gives me this look that melts me. Somebody is always around us. I just cannot stop thinking about him. Is this normal for a 13 yo girl?

  • Wait till your 18 or legal age. Whisper in his ear one day we’ll be able to enjoy each other please wait. There are so many young females that feel the way you do.

  • Trust me, if you are hot looking & or fit chances are he’s thinking the same way you are.
    That of course if you are of age.
    I bet he checks out your t*** and ass all the time. Probably even jerks off to your bubble butt when Wifey is gone.
    Probably give you the best dicking and sucking you’ve ever had

  • h*** yeah......go for him.......dont stop till you got him and know hes yours.......

  • So...figure out a way to let him know you are interested in him! Who knows? He may be interested in you!

  • I always felt like if a girl had her phone taken for texting in class the teacher would try and go threw yhe photos or atleast i would lol but u should get ur phone taken and make ur cover photo of u masterbating to his pic

  • Unzip him plz

  • I had the biggest crush on this guy. After we kissed I suddenly thought he was gross self interested

  • Remember the moment on Forest Gump. She f***** the school teacher to get her kid in to regular school. I let a this old guy put his hands up my shirt and feel my b**** in order to get a holiday job. The really weird thing was after I got the job he never tried again. Now I'm at college and people talk about unwanted harrassment and I think how weird that he'd not forced me or anything and then treated me well after.

  • Just f*** him now, I'm sure he'll want to suck and f*** asexy teen

  • I’d love to f*** a sexy teen.

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