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Last weekend I had a company function to attend and sometimes they get a bit out of hand so my wife had asked her mom to come say at our place so she could look after the kids and we could sleep in the next day. As predicted it did get out of hand and we stumbled in around 3:30 am, we crawled into bed and my wife almost instantly passed out but I laid there unable to sleep.
I was super horny and was about to get up and go jerk off when I heard my youngest start crying but before I could go check on her I heard my wife's mom coming, she went in and got her settled down then went to the spare room and returned with her Ipad and some other stuff. By this time it was about 4:30 or so and I could see her sitting on the couch from where I was with our door open just a few inches, She was sitting there with the light on doing whatever on her Ipad and I didn't think much of it until she reached for something and i seen her boobs jiggle which made me realize she wasn't wearing a bra.
My wife's mom is a pretty woman for 53 and actually looks younger, Short, cute and has kind of big boobs, Probably a C or something like that, I was just laying there hoping she would move again and her boobs would jiggle but she didn't, My wife was snoring lightly beside me which she does when she drinks and I was laying there with a full hard on and for some reason decided to show it to her mom. I quietly snuck out of bed and took off my underwear, Made sure I was fully erect and went for it.
I have a big dick, I know i have a big dick, every girl I have ever been with has told me I have a big dick and even had 2 back out because they got scared, I am 8.5 inches long and thick enough at the widest point that I can't touch my fingers together without squeezing a bit, Circumsized with a big purple knob and I keep the shrubbery trimmed short which even makes it look bigger. I opened the bedroom door and stumbled out of the bedroom, Pretended not to even see her on the couch and walked right past in front of her, She looked up as I opened the door and her eyes got wide, She cleared her throat and set her Ipad on her lap, As I walked past she cleared her throat again and I pretended not to notice.
I went into the bathroom and I was going to take a piss but then decided that wouldn't be the best use of the situation and stood in front of the mirror looking at my teeth, I could see her in the reflection looking at me and she started to gather up her things so I pretended to pick something out of my teeth and turned around, She sat back looking almost scared with her eyes still wide and I walked right up to her, Held out my hand and her eyes got even wider, She was obviously in panic mode but reached out to take my hand and I slapped hers in a high five kind of thing then walked away and crawled back into bed.
I laid there peeking at her as she hurriedly gathered up her stuff and I got to see her boobs jiggle some more then she rushed to her room, as she did I snuck out of bed again pulled on some sweats and snuck out the back door, I crept up to her window and the lamp was on so i climbed up onto the air conditioner and peeked in, She had just put her stuff down on the dresser and was standing at the foot of the bed with her arms crossed biting her bottom lip obviously contemplating something and suddenly whipped her shirt off and dropped her pyjama pants then crawled onto the bed.
She looked surprisingly good naked, Kind of floppy boobs with light pink areolas and big pink nips, I never realized that she is a true blonde before since my wife is brunette I just always thought she dyed her hair but she had a fuzzy little pussy with blonde pubic hair but not super hairy and I could see her pink little pussy lips through it, I have always thought my wife had a beautiful pussy with pink puffy lips and no big beef curtains hanging out and her mom's looks exactly the same.
I couldn't believe i was seeing her naked let alone my excitement when she spread her lips with one hand and put some spit on the other hand and started rubbing her pussy, Sadly she didn't last long but she had two fingers hammering her pussy while she pinched her nipples with the other hand and her old bobbies jiggled and wiggled until she started to shake and clenched her thighs together almost sitting straight up then flopped back and let her legs flop wide open pulling her fingers out of her pussy, She laid there for a minute just rubbing her clit and massaging her boobs twitching every couple seconds then just laid there with her arms outstretched for a couple more minutes and still had her knees spread with her ankles crossed, Her pussy was pointed directly at the window and she laid there long enough for me to fire off a load of cum on the grass before i watched her roll over and sit up on the side of the bed facing away from me.
I snuck back into the house and into bed, She has no idea and never mentioned anything and never would but we shared a special moment I will always remember HAHAHAHAHA.

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