I hate pedo's!

All old men are pedo's! Men all old like dads and in there 30s are always staring. We go to the mall and they look right at our chests and mouths and buts with there mouth open. I admit a couple of my friends dress to sluty for twelve or thirteen but that doesn't mean these guys should lear and drool. I was at the market with my friend and there was this older guy blond kind of handsome and he smiled at us which was ok and then he stroked his bulge right in front of us gross! The foregin guys who work at the public pool totally lick their lips at all the litte girls and thrust their hips at us. And old guys are total liars! My tutor said his d*ck is like a twinkie, full of sweet cream, like a woman's breast milk, you have to suck out the cream. It wasn't at all! It was like nasty clam chowder! So gross! I know there's a law against being a pedo but it's weird that all old dudes want us so bad. I told my friends we should go lezzie but a couple of them are really into doing it with these old dudes now which makes me hate them even more!!! Stupid pedo's!

Apr 27, 2021

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