Catfishing Or Not?

So, I'm A 16 year old Trans Male to Female, And I Play games as a girl, i act like a girl online, and i talk to people (not voice calls) as a girl, I do this because it's enjoyable, i have fun, i like to do it, and it makes me feel good, it's mostly because i'm self-concious about my actual self, (me being a guy), I start online relationships with strangers i've never met or known before as a girl, (not romantic) and talk to them daily, Recently One friend asked me when my birthday was so they could send me gifts, and i replied with an "Awwwe, that's so sweet." But I don't really want to accept the gifts because i believe i'll be labelled a catfish and i really really don't want that, but i also don't want to tell him my true identity because i'm afraid he'll stop talking to me, he won't trust me (he's told me some personal things, Not personal info, just, like, trusted me with things that he wouldn't tell anyone else) and that he'll hate me, I Really like talking to him but im really afraid. I Don't know what to do and i've kinda scared, I don't believe anyone should really care about this, but if anyone has any tips, please, im all ears, i really like him (not romantically), i love talking to him and he's a really nice guy, but i don't want to hurt him.

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  • I wish that you and I were in a relationship. I'd love to be your sugar daddy.

  • (OP) thats a very sweet and kind thing to say, unfortunately, i still look, sound, and talk like a boy. I'm not pleased with it but i have to live with it until i can get the surgery.

  • Christ you sound sooooooooooo sexy! I wish I was your man...….. or at least one of your men (you sound like someone who could carry on multiple relationships on an ongoing basis). You're H-O-T!!!!

  • (OP) Haha, Thanks! That's Very very sweet of you to say, Unfortunately, I am unable to carry on multiple relationships, currently the one i talk about is my "Brother" I am his "little sister" If you'd like to chat heres my email.

  • Why did you transformed as u r still a man inside...gays have their life as well as partners.....

  • (OP) Im a man on the outside, on the inside im more feminine then masculine.

  • Gender is so tough. Maybe one day it will be as easy for boys to dress and act in what is considered traditionally feminine ways much like how girls these days can dress and act as traditionally male or female as they like.

    For example I saw a girl with a skateboard yesterday. She had such confidence and strength.

  • (OP) Thanks, i hope there is a someday like that aswell.

  • One day someone will do the same with you. Imagine!

  • (OP) ha, i imagine that day will come aswell.

  • No matter how old you are, no matter what reindeer games you are playing, no matter what you call yourself, you are still a f*****. A sick little f*****. A very sick little f*****-up f*****. And your life is already over. Sayonara, Felicia.

  • (Original Poster)

    Thanks For The Kind words.

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