Black white

Black women are sexy. White women are nasty. That's why black men marry black women and have affairs with white women. The white women are filthy and never say no to black men. I know because I'm a black man married to a black woman and I s*** it out with all the white women I can.

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  • White women are just naturally dirtier than black women, but you put a white woman in the presence of a virile black man and she will go s** insane. She cannot wait to get on that black d***. It's all she can think of. It's all she ever wants.

  • The white women are nasty with black men because they want our c**** and our c**. But most of all they want our babies. I've had SEVERAL white women tell me just that. They're willing to do all that nasty s*** they do because they want to get our babies in them. Whatever it takes to get black babies is what they are willing to do. I swear it's the truth.

  • I would change my color for you....just gimme that p****

  • I'm a white guy who would like to date a black woman. But even they seem to stick to black guys. Black guys have all the luck.

  • This is true.

  • Totally so

  • I'm a black male and I prefer white women for the reasons expressed by the OP. They are so willing to do whatever it is you want to do: they are very eager to please, sexually and otherwise. I've had several white mistresses over the years and many many flings. My wife (also black) has no idea of my extramarital liaisons. She's quite sexy but she has kink limits that my white lovers don't have.

  • Nah you just rationalize it

  • ....its true.......... and the older they get the filthier they get...... and being married dont slow them down none....... they still get out in the clubs looking for black d**** ...... ...and f****** like the b****** they are...... i usually f*** a white b**** a week............but i could f*** one every day if i wanted......that's how many there are out there trying to track down our black d****............ hungry b****** ..... damn...

  • I think it’s a case of a black man will f*** any thing if the truth be told black white any colour fat thin young or old women lol that’s the truth.

  • .....sure...…… they will F*** any woman......because they can HAVE any woman....

  • This is totally true

  • I agree with these remarks. White women are just so willing and eager, no matter what. I got a young one pregnant a couple years or so ago, and she convinced her husband to stay even though the baby was black and even got him to let her keep seeing me. My wife don't know anything about it and the white woman just keeps getting dirtier and dirtier, and doing more and more dirty things to keep me happy. We have a great relationship.

  • I hope your wife writes similar kind of post...then u 'll realize...a real man always remain loyal to his wife

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