I work in a nursing home...

And I spend my whole shirt sniffing dirty, old lady panties !

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  • I just threw up in my mouth a little ……………..

  • #sickfuck

  • Ewwww…...GROSS!!!!!!

  • I am so sorry dear....till you find something else u need to continue with this....but I would like to tell you that everyone cannot be a doctor or a lawyer...everybody have their role in society and you my dear are doing a great job....I do dishes but at the day it's good money

  • Can I sniff your panties?

  • Ask your mom

  • I’m asking you you dirty little Sextoy !!

  • NOT INTERESTED...jerkface

  • I’ll pay good money for those dirty, ripe panties !!

  • That's why I told you to go to your mom m***********.....you need not to pay anything I guess

  • I want you to sit on my mouth and grind that smelly, ripe v***** into my tongue ! MMMMM !

  • ALL of this is totally effed up.…...

  • Ride my tongue Baby !!

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