I'm a straight male who has gay fantasties

I am a conservative, shy and straight male...or at least I thought I was. I have never in my life shown any interest in men nor do I want to have flat out s** with a male, I am always more attracted to females and always was. It is just in recent history that I accidentally clicked on a gay p*** video and actually got curious and interested by it, It turned me on, watching a man dominate another man and that is where I stated having the fantasy of having s** with a male...it gets me off thinking about it. I also admit that I have sent nude pocs and vids to men over the internet.

However, in "real life" or in person I would never want to have s** with a male, in reality and outside of my fantasties I still strongly desire a female. I believe it is the thought that I am never really going to do it with a male that turns me on so much, it is the feeling of knowing that it is something I won't do (almost like forbidden fruit).

So in summary; I'm a straight male with gay fantasties and private 'time' BUT it is only fantasies nothing else because I know that I won't personally get it on with a male, hence I am attracted to women outside of my fantasies. Thanks for reading my confession...please feel free to share your thoughts*

May 30, 2018

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  • I'm 33 and just finally acted out on my bi curious urges. And let me just say the longer you repress, the stronger the urge gets. I'm for sure bi now, and s** between two men is something I cannot put into words. It's earth shattering in the best way possible. I was super embarssed and felt guilty afterwards, but that only lasted a moment and in reality and retrospect it was the craziest s** I've EVER had, and im totally hooked! Never thought I would ever have gone through with it but so very glad I did!

  • Indulge your fantasies. I did and I found a whole new life, Steve and I have been lovers for 20 years! Just remember, once you try it you won’t want anything else!

  • I see no problem with any of this. You should keep exploring your fantasies in a healthy way.

  • Those are some very very very very very very very hot thoughts and dreams you have! Love it! Love you!

  • And I love you random citizen! But thanks, I know I have kinda out there thoughts for a str8 dude.

  • You sound so hot. i want to f*** you. i'm a mwm38. i dont just want to f*** you once. i want to become your sugar daddy. i want to f*** you regularly. i would treat you well. i would treat you like a queen. i would make you happy. ooooh i would make you so happy. my wife and children would never get in your way. never. i would not allow it. you would always be superior to them. always. you would be my queen.

  • I’m a 60 year old man. Would you make love with me and hold me naked and bring me to climax, please?

  • I'd love to do that f*** you in a nice bed where we could have lots of foreplay tonguing ,fingering and sucking before I enter you,would you like to have a load shot up you

  • You cannot deny your appetites. Your body wants what it wants. And what your body wants is d***.

  • The larger they are the more I like them! Big and hard and throbbing!

  • It also wants the p**** lol

  • Eventually you're going to meet a younger gay man, and you're going to HAVE TO HAVE HIM! And you will. That's when your life will begin. Don't resist the urges you have. Surrender to that desire, that hunger.

  • I have but it was with an older man. Steve and I have enjoyed the hottest s** for 20 years and I love him desperately!

  • There's nothing wrong with you. And the likelihood is that you will never have a gay experience in your entire life. You just simply have a very active imagination in general, and so you so feel what other experiences are like. That will make you a great writer, or a great counselor, or a great friend. Or all of those things. Don't worry. You're a great person.

  • Thanks, this is a nice response.

  • I'm in my 40s, totally straight, but my wife no longer wants to have s**. This has totally gotten me into thinking maybe I should turn gay. I'd like to have my d*** sucked and get laid. It's as simple as that. Contrary to popular modern belief, most people aren't born gay, but turn that way out of necessity. Ask anyone who has been in prison.

    I can't wait to f*** some nice tight ass and get a warm mouth on my d***. For all of the guys who are married to cold women, it is one of the easier ways out of the dilemma.

  • I’ve had a gay lover for 20 years! Steve has been a wonderful and an extremely hot lover in bed and I will never grow tired of it!

  • I felt the same as you. I had gay fantasies (my appetites, like yours, were the product of incredibly intense gay p**********) but never acted on them and I was certain I never would. They started in my early 20s. I'm now in my late 40s. But the last 5-6 years, I've been frequenting the video booths at an adult book store outside of town, stopping in at a roadside park known for gay activity (in cars, restrooms and the woods), and scouring gay personal ads. I have several "regulars" that I meet, but sometimes it's just with strangers, yet they all know that I will totally suck the d*** or take it up the ass. I'm well known and highly desired for how eager and nasty I am (I know you can imagine that.... and I think you can probably even TASTE it). I'm a husband and father, a professional, political conservative, church-goer, community volunteer, etc. And I really KNOW how to please a man in every way. They all love me. I never thought this is where I would be as I approach 50. But I know for sure that you will be like me. I just KNOW that. So.....prepare yourself. And enjoy yourself. It's going to be a wild f****** ride, darling.

  • You sound a lot like me. Your story is almost exactly like mine. But I haven’t been with a man in several years. I couldn’t live with the cheating. I sometimes fantasize about her leaving me so I can just “go gay”. But I love her so much and want to spend my life with her. There’s just this other thing..... I’ve wondered what may have come of it if I hadn’t fed it years ago. Or if I’d accepted it when I was single. None of that matters now I suppose.

  • That makes me very, very sad, to know that you had such a rich, delicious life at one time, and now must deny yourself. That pains me, and I'm so sorry you had to make such a gigantic sacrifice. I do understand what you suggested about the self-inflicted nature of the desire (spending years watching gay p***, without ever taking the leap myself, drive me to such overwhelming hunger), but I believe that what I am now is what I was all along, and is what I was meant to be. I think that's true even of my marriage: I believe I was supposed to be a married man seeking out these illicit and immoral relationships. I've discovered that many of the men I have s** with (the young ones, in particular) really love connecting with married men: they consider it a victory of sorts. And finally, while I guess it's a rationalization, I actually do ENJOY the cheating element of my lifestyle. The adultery sweetens the s** somehow: it certainly heightens the thrill of it (both for me and my partners). Anyhow, I wish you the best, and I hope you can find a way back into your bisexuality, and to your ultimate happiness. Be well.

  • Thank you for that. Fact is, it was and still is my choice. I chose to deny reality while I was single. I chose to get married while knowing I was in denial. And I continue to weigh the potential loss vs gain, and do not see enough gain to risk the loss. So I live with it. At least I am not full on gay. That would be near impossible I think.

  • You have a very clear focus, and an objective point of view: that's very healthy. I respect your ability to examine yourself objectively, and even critically. Not many humans are capable of that, and even fewer men who have had the life experiences you and I have had. I'm impressed that you can resist the d*** after having had the d***. That's a strength of character that I don't have. Once I got the first one in me, I knew immediately that I would always have to have it. I tried to quit, once upon a time, but one of the men I was seeing at the time went to work on me and made that impossible: he ratcheted up my appetites to the point that I was almost rabid. Anyway, I'm happy that you know yourself and can control your needs. That speaks so well of you.

  • I am envious of you as well. The first time a man came in my mouth.....well it was a shoe that fit. I’ve only had one occasion to take it in the ass. But I took two, one right after the first. The first was big (about 8”). He was gentle, but he was dominant, demeaning, a little condescending. He let me know (subtly) that he didn’t see me as a real man while my a****** was stretched over his big d***. When I felt him swelling up, ready to c**, there was no doubt I would let him turn loose inside me. Then other one. He was perfect for ass, no more than 6 inches, not very thick. What turned me on the most about him was that I could hardly feel him inside me. He almost had to tell me when he was finished. That turned (and still does turn) me on a lot. Later I topped a guy who didn’t know he was effiminate. It was okay but I really prefer the submission of bottom. He did like to make out though. I didn’t think I’d like that, but I was wrong. I’ve even had the occasional fantasy of me and him being together. But a short conversation always arrests that lol.

  • LOL. I understand how the reality sometimes shatters the fantasy. :)

    I also completely understand your preference for the submissive role. I probably take the d*** on nine out of ten occasions, and give it on the tenth. And I prefer men who want to take charge...….and just use me for their pleasure. Knowing that I am pleasing someone who is ALL MAN is a lovely and loving feeling. I know what you mean, too, about that first taste of c**: it's like heaven, so flattering and wonderful and delicious. And it changes everything about your appetites after. Oh, dear, how it changes you.

    But oh my God, I am so completely blown away that you took two d**** up the ass on your first experience!!!!!!!!!! And in particular that your very first d*** was so big and its owner was so powerful and physical and demeaning. I just know you must think of him often, and can probably still feel him....back there...…...taking you.....and taking care of you that way.....and speaking to you so RUDELY!!!!! I love that. And I'm sure you must still love him, and miss him......being IN you.

    I really appreciate your thoughts and they way you share them and express them. Thank you for that!

  • I just got hard reading your response. Yes I think of him fondly, and often. Could have been a perfect situation. He was married also.

  • I’ve been dating the same guy for 20 years and the only time that I really enjoy s** is with him! The thought of s** with my wife or any other woman disgusts me but the relationship is convenient. Steve is a very attentive and sensual s** partner and I will love him with all of my heart for the rest of my life!

  • I haven't been with many guys who were so well-hung, but the ones I have been with stand out in my memory. One in particular knew he had something special and beautiful between his legs, and he constantly reminded me of it, from the very first time I met him until the last time I saw him. I can vividly remember every time he put that thing in me, and also what he did with it once he got it there. He was really young (worked as an intern at the place my wife worked at the time), and he loved the fact that he knew my wife, and used it against me constantly. Even though he was so young, she still knew what he was doing, and he knew that his c*** was super big and super beautiful. I think of him often, too. Have a good weekend, my friend.

  • Feel free to share as many stories as you’d like in the coming days. Some of us live vicariously....lol

  • I'll share some of mine, if you'll share some of yours. LOL:) One of my best involves the young intern from my wife's place of work that I mentioned to you. A group of them from the company met after work one night during the Christmas holidays and that was where I first met him. He was blatantly gay and they teased him about it badly, but he was good-natured and went along. He sat across the table from me, and we exchanged surreptitious glances all night. After several drinks (and only a little to eat), I got up and went to the men's room. He followed me, and as I stood at the urinal, he slid up next to me and slowly humped my left hip (dry). He said he knew what I wanted, and he knew we couldn't do anything about it that night, but promised that he would give it to me. He showed up at my office the next afternoon (left work early from working with my wife) and waited for me over an hour while I finished with a client. As the client left, he literally pushed past my assistant and came into my office telling her "don't worry honey; he WANTS to see me, I f****** swear!!" He closed the door in her face, and locked it, and then he walked around to my side of the desk, unzipped his pants and extracted the most beautiful c*** I'd ever seen, the most beautiful and the biggest (at the time). He stood in front of me, ordered me to open my mouth, and then he slid that thing in deep. And he started to pump my throat. Within minutes he was c****** in my mouth and down my throat. And as he finished on my face, he assured me that we would be doing "a lot of this", and we did. In addition to the size (and heat) of that meat, and his skills with it, he came more than any one I've ever been with, and his c** tasted better, too. But I'll never forget that first sexual encounter with him. DAMN!

  • That is hot. I’m afraid if I were to meet someone like that, my “focus” would get very blurry. First one I ever sucked to completion was one of the two who later took my ass and made it theirs. It was a short while before that. We’d met online, I was passing through his town, and stopped by his house. I didn’t know how to do it, but my wife is a world class c*** sucker, so I tried to simply mimic what she does. I can’t deep throat but I stroke the shaft with my hand and let my mouth work the head. I was still undecided if I was going to let him c** in my mouth. But when he said “I’m gonna go”, I didn’t hesitate. I lapped up every drop and loved it.
    On my way back through, a few days later, I shot him a text in the middle of the day. He ran home from work and met me there. We walked inside his living room, as soon as he shut the front door, I was on my knees. I unzipped his pants and took him in my mouth. I knew he was getting there (of course) by the precum and he was getting super hard. But he didn’t warn me. I thought I was going to drown. At first it irritated me, but then it really turned me on. To be his c** s***. Mmmmm good times

  • I'm so impressed -- and so so so envious -- that you got to experience so many "firsts" with that same big-dicked lover; it sounds like the two of you were really connected with one another, and not just sexually, but emotionally and intuitively as well. Wow! WOW!!!!!!! But to be honest, the thing that I loved the most about what you wrote was your reaction to him on that second date, when you called and he met you at his house home (which he shared with his wife!!! damn!!!!!!): "as soon as he shut the front door, I was on my knees". Since you and I both have the same appetites and are both mostly subs, you will probably not be offended by the observation that I can see you know how to arouse a man and fill his needs, and you're willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy a man and take care of him in every way. And I can see that he was almost surely in love with you, whether or not he ever said that to you (giving you so much c** is a sure sign). But whether or not he actually had those feelings, we both also know that a man who is hung like yours actually DESERVES to be treated like the superior partner, and for all his gay relationships to be completely about him. You made that happen for that well-hung MAN and that's incredibly beautiful. Thanks for sharing that incident. (And by the way...….I've read it four times and it made me c** EVERY time. Thanks for that, too!)

  • Thats the rage of l*** and nothing more. You're not bi for sure. (:

  • The "rage of l***"! What a great great phrase! Thanks for thinking of it that way and then sharing the thought that way!

  • Bisexuality....May be...may b not

  • It’s versatile!

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