I'm a guy getting bullied by a girl at work

It's been going on for about 3 years now. I'm a fairly short, slim guy at only around 5'5. She is around 5'11 and at least 200 lbs. Around the office, she picks on me, bosses me around, insults me,etc. But that's not the worst of it. Very often she'll get me alone with her in a room, then she literally pins me down to the floor by sitting on my chest, while she continues to verbally berate me until she gets bored and lets me go.

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  • Give here a warning. Put your mean face on and and say something like, "Look, B****, you f*** with me one more time and I will kick you in the t***. You got that, F*****?" If she laughs or thinks you've lost your mind, kick her in the t*** as hard as you can. She will get the message loud and clear.

  • I so wish she was my boss. She could do whatever she wanted to me.

  • You are P****!

  • Why because I love when a woman puts me in my place?

  • Duh.

  • Bite me!

  • Where I bite you?

  • Why don't you learn English first?

  • Need English to bite? Why that?

  • Dude, man up and kick her ass. Start with a shot to her solar plexus. She will hit the ground shocked and helpless and wary of messing with you again. If she gives you any s*** while she is on the ground, jump on her and ground and pound her until she cries or gives up. She won't bother you anymore after that. Bullies like hurting people they don't think will hurt them. Once they get hurt they show what p****** they really are.

  • You should boink her. That's what she wants. Who knows, you might like it. She might be your special soulmate.

  • Stop making crap up dude.

  • Ok, dude. I'll stop. By the way, I'm Spiderman!

  • I wish I had a boos like that.

  • Your boos are fine. You don't need boos like that.

  • F*** that, Dude. Just punch her in the t***. That will stop her s***. Trust me it works.

  • You have two options: Look for another job and/or Talk to your H.R. department about her. It's harassment and it's not cool. Just because you're a guy, doesn't mean it can't or doesn't happen. And just because she's a woman certainly doesn't excuse her behavior or give her permission to harass. Report the b****. But first you may need some proof. Begin documenting everything she does or says..ex: Date/Day/Time..Action and what she said or did. See if anyone is around to witness. In fact, have others commented? Never be alone with her and don't engage her. You can be cordial and say hello, but nothing more. If she's not your supervisor, there's no reason why any meeting needs to be in her room. And get a recorder to tape
    her if possible. Once you have maybe a month documented go to HR and tell them. They may have a mediated session between you two and write her up. Most offices have an employee handbook which all employees are to sign and abide by. And if they don't...And if by chance, your human resources seems to think that it's nothing and refuses to aid you..then you have a bigger case..

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