Kid shows

Do you watch kid shows like lazytown , hanna Montana , icarly and so on for the girls? I do . I think their so hot . My favorite is stephenie from lazy town . In her pink hair and skirt always jumping around . She's so hot . Started looking up picture gifs from the show that are made to look sexual to m********* to. Am I alone in This?

May 30, 2018

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  • Lol what steph from lazy town in her little Barbie knickers

  • Love that girl . I'd f*** that girl until my c*** hurt and probably longer

  • Yes in her little pink knickers mmm

  • I'd f*** her p**** and impregnate that kid

  • Me too . Imagine stretching that young tight p**** around your c***

  • Mate, I don't evn give afuck that she's young, in fact, it makes it better

  • So much better

  • Love em little

  • You would love my daughters..

  • I'd love to meet her

  • I would like to meet your daughters

  • How old are your daughters? I'm not on here everyday so I don't see all the replies to my posts but if you'd like to talk privately let me know and I'll give you my email address

  • How old are they?

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