How do I get my conservative wife to get a tattoo

My wife is still hot after 20 years of marriage. The problem is she is so conservative. I think she would look so hot with a sleeve tattoo but I don't know how to convince her?

Jun 17, 2019

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  • So you know how guys complain about how they meet a girl and she tries to "change" him? What makes you think the reverse is acceptable? One year, 20 years-- doesn't matter.

    See if she'd be down for a temporary tattoo or a henna one. That would probably mean you'd have to be seen in the company of, omg omg omg, *liberal* types... but since you've got an itch you need scratched so damn badly, suck it up and go. You just might learn a few things!

  • Conservatives dont learn anything except different ways to throw tantrums,the hint is right there in then name

  • Give her a bj

  • Tattoos are kinda a personal thing imo. They should never be for other people, but for the person wearing them. If your wife isn't into body art, it isn't going to happen nor should it.

  • If she is conservative, you just need to give the order

  • Give it in Russian. Conservatives now love hearing Russian in between calling everyone else "socialists" and don't even begin to comprehend the cogdis.

  • LOL, truth!

  • That's easy. Take her out to dinner and get her wasted. Then simply carry her to the nearest tattoo parlor and lay her in the chair. Then have them tattoo like a butterfly on her ass cheeks or a rose on her breast, or the words I love c**** on her inner thigh. Then after she wakes up the next day tell her about the crazy night and then reveal to her the tattoo. It worked for me. Now my wife has about a dozen tats. Apparently she gets drunk a lot and wakes up the next morning not remembering a thing.

  • Sounds easy, but no 1 today you have to have an appointment with a tattooist
    No2. Getting her drunk does not work, she doesn't drink !
    No3, she's dead set agains tattooing !
    Yet I'd love to have it done ! The 'foreverness' is better than the marriage vows.
    Would I have more luck in Mexico ?

  • Save it for your inevitable next post about how you love getting your pretend wife wasted all the time.

  • Another way this guy is full of s**** is claiming shes got lots of drunk tats,artists wont work on u if they can tell your under the influence,as anyone who has gotten a tat will tell u

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