Wife loves being lazy and fat and food in the Bedroom

My wife is a big lady when I met her she was about 230 lbs. We dated for years and she put on about 15-20 pounds which I was perfectly ok with I like the bigger girls ( bbw ssbbw ) and such. We had s** as much as possible and are happy. After we got married she wanted to explore her fantasy's some were mild bdsm type stuff using rope mostly bondage stuff and role playing . A while later i noticed she was eating a lot more and putting on more weight wanting to go to the buffet a lot. One night I came home she asked if we could have some "fun" in the bedroom; she asked if I would try something different I could tell she was a bit embarrassed about what she was going to tell me I said you can tell me everything babe. I was not ready for what she told me. She said she has had a fetish a fetish she has before we met she thought I would think bad of her and i said that fetishes are a common thing like her bondage thing and i would be ok with it almost anything she wanted me to take her clothes off and put her restraints on. she told me to look in the dresser drawer and she had a new toy in there she wanted me to use on her it was a funnel she wanted to feed her; forcibly if necessary she wanted me to to feed her a half gallon of shake and 10 double cheese burgers ! I didn't know what to think I agreed I didn't want to embarrass her by telling her no I love her. We had hot fat s** I first fed her the shake as I played with her p**** rubbing her p**** and pouring the fattening shake in the funnel when it was all gone i un-strapped the funnel and then inserted my d*** in her dripping p**** in the missionary position I fed her all the burgers she ate them all. From there that became the norm she wanted in the bedroom she confessed to me that she loves when I feed her she is turned on by growing lazy and fat she said she found it arousing laying in bed all day eating and watching tv and masturbating about 11 months later she weighed herself and she was over 320 lbs. Then she asked if i would help her put her shoes on and since then I have put them on and tied them for her I was a bit concerned I asked her about her weight gain and should we slow down a bit ? Then she told me something that blew my mind I guess this is the advice part of things she said she wasn't she wanted to be bigger lazier fatter she didn't want to have to leave the comfort of bed if she didn't have to she liked humiliation she liked being on all fours eating a cake as i had my way with her she was with out shame i come home from work and go to our master bed room she on the bed naked with fast food eating and eating frosting right out of the can and if she ends up 400 or 500 lbs she would be fine with that I don't know what to think I love her just the same and I enjoy watching her if makes her happy just last week she asked me to bathe her before I went to work and she called when I got off and asked me to get 2 large pizza's and we had fun that night . I feel a bit weird this is her thing and now i year and a few mouths later i grown to enjoy this myself I feel strange about accepting this I love her no matter what and not to many real people to just go and talk to it about so here it is

Jun 4, 2018

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  • Yeah she’s about 430lbs big lazy fat pig she stayed at 400 for a while like over a year ,started to pack on the pounds again recently, she has no shame she can literally eat a whole pizza to herself and be still hungry ,act like a pig oink like a pig for food she wears nothing or a mumu around the house her next goal is 100lbs to get up to 530lbs in a year

  • Wow, she’s taking this humiliation thing seriously. You still into it? Do you take her out in public? Bet having people stare at her would be rewarded in the bedroom.

  • Oh yeah we go out in public not very long ago. We went to McDonald’s she waddled Into the restaurant wearing basically a mumu that’s two sizes too small looks like shirt bottom of her gut hanging out. Waddled up to the counter and ordered enough for a family, 8 McDoubles,6 Mc chickens extra mayo, 20 piece nugget, large fry and coke looks at me and says what are you getting . I order and the lady asked if it’s for to my wife says no the lady looked in disbelief that she’s ordered it all for herself and was going to eat it there. They bring the food and she digs in with no shame total piggy. A lady walked by with her daughter her daughter says “mommy look at the fat lady” the mom says loud enough for my wife to here “baby that’s what happen when you eat like a fat piggy” my wife looks at them and oinks then shoved a cheese burger in her mouth they walked away horrified. She finished it all at the restaurant on the drive home she say hey can we get a 2 gallons of ice cream “rocky road “ and German chocolate cake . We get that go home she takes her Mumu off gets on the bed, ice cream and cake with her cuts the cake on half puts half the carton of ice cream in a trough gets on all 4s yells for me puts her face in it looks up at me oniks real loud and says “f*** this fat pig “

  • Are you still letting her stuff herself? Doing anything to humiliate her?

  • How much does that butterball weigh now? I imagine she’s at the point where she’s so big, all she can do is get herself propped up on all fours to be serviced.

  • I have enabled my wife. Last time she was weighed, she was 581lbs.

  • The dream.

  • This is hot as h***, both my wife and I have gained over 100 pounds each since getting married in 2013. For her, it went mostly to her a-s-s- and belly, for me it's my belly and chest. We are those typical fat Americans, fat and lazy and not giving a damn, we just eat what we wish and live like normal people, going out, having fun, and also going to the beach. Last year we went to a clothing-optional beach, met up with another chubby couple and asked them to take our photo a few times. We didn't look at the photos until the next day and---oh, my God. My wife laughed and said "Your belly button looks like a dot in a sea of fat." With her, it was the saddle bags and cellulite, she is 29 years old and her body looks like she's 45, all stretched out and sagging and...HOT!

  • So hot! Have you two continued to grow during the pandemic?

  • Please learn about these things called "paragraphs" and "line breaks." This is a blob of text, hard to read.

  • How big is your wife now, how much does she weigh? Has her motther and family still been helping you fatten her?

  • I have a woman like that as well, and I LOVE it, Fat s e x is awesome. She keeps eating and growing fatter. A nice pic of her a few months ago


  • I used to be that size 4 years ago and loved being able to eat whatever I wanted, loved fat s**. Now I'm 473lbs and everything is even better.

  • I hear you. I've grown to 536lbs and loved being able to eat whatever I want, love fat s**, feeling all my fat wobble & jiggle as hubby makes love to me. I'm getting fatter.
    536lb Happy Fatty

  • That's the girl Happy Fatty, get fatter.

  • Nice, keep fattening her, she's needs to be even fatter.

  • I have always loved fat women, but kept it a secret for years. I got married & my wife always struggled with her weight, till she told me she'd love to let herself go. Now she's 660lbs and she is so fat & sexy.

  • I say enjoy it! Can’t get my wife to gain an ounce, I’d give everything to have a wife like yours. Have a fantasy of your own? Tell her and make sure she does it for you since you’ve accommodated hers.

  • Lucky you!

  • Just let her do her thing and enjoy the ride. You are a very lucky man! Not too many women are actually OK with getting that fat. Just think how great the s** is going to be at 500, 600, maybe more if she's that into it. You better get used to the idea that your wife is going to be so enormously obese that she won't even be able to get out of bed eventually.

  • Thanks for taking the time to comment she told me I better get use to that idea as well lol she is getting big her mom and her friend are here a lot and always bring her what she wants when I'm at work her mom dotes on her and cooks for her I will update this post time to time and maybe with permission post progress pics

  • Oh yessss, they are feeding her, she will get hugely fat.

  • That's awesome. Keep us updated. If her mom and friends are enabling this she's going to get massively fat fast! I know from experience when they're around people who give them what they want and they're comfortable eating around, they really blimp up quick!

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