Fisherman's dilemma

I spend about three months of the year, including currently, working as a seasonal commercial fisherman in Alaska. That's all I work yearly, and I make a $45K a year. It pays well for the time worked, and my family also gets annuity payments that brings our annual income to $60K. We are not rich, but I get to spend almost nine months at home per year and take care of the kids with my wife. I wouldn't trade that lifestyle for anything. My wife is a stay at home mom and raises our two kids who are two and three years of age. We live in California.

I try to call my wife every night. I miss her, but I've been concerned lately. When I've called her, I can tell that she's sometimes throwing parties at our house, or attending parties at the houses of other people. There are people in the background, and it's a bit loud. She says that she is just visiting friends. I can also tell when she has been drinking. Sometimes she's had a few when I've called.

Well, I went on to her facebook and her "friends" are posting pics of the parties, with some selfies of her and her friends and comments such as "Was it good?" or "That night was off the chain!" or "Let's do that again!"

I asked my wife what those comments were about, and she just said that her friends have had good parties. She denied cheating. She just said she's hanging out with friends and that there is nothing to worry about.

Should I be concerned? I'm working in Alaska until the first week of September, and there is no way I can cut it short. I'm working my ass off doing 12-14 hour days. My boss counts on me, and I'm responsible for mentoring and training others. I can't leave.

I'll be blunt: is my my wife taking other cock while I'm gone or what?

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