Pro choice is the only way

I'm a Christian woman of great faith, listen to a lot of Christian radio, but they are all so pro-life on the airwaves. Let me tell you one thing: life kinda sucks, even if you are prepared for it. I've had friends commit slow (drugs/alcohol) and fast (hanging/bullets) suicides, and what it boils down to is that life has very little pleasure in comparison to the pain. I work in geriatric health care and see it every day. Life sucks.

Everyone should be pro-choice so we don't have more babies. Life on planet Earth is pretty s***** for most.

I just read an article where they said a black hole just swallowed an entire star in another galaxy. That is amazing. Proof of the amazing things of our creator's work. Here on Earth? We are a bunch of self-absorbed bugs with gender inequality, economic inequality, and massive amounts of racial discrimination. Oh, and expensive digital gadgets to keep our small minds entertained. I would never want to give birth to a child on this shithole. The human race is a failure. Abortion isn't a good thing for anyone, but it should always be a choice.

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  • Let's be clear. The Pro-Life movement is not pro-life. It is pro-birth. You won't see any of those hypocrites giving one cent towards the raising of those children , particularly if the birth mother was unable to raise the child herself. Nor are they the first in the queue to adopt either ! Once all the orphanages are empty, then you may have the ghost of an argument.

  • If pro choice is the only way than it needs to be one hundred percent equal . If the woman can chose to terminate the pregnancy even if the father wants the child to be born then the father should be able to refuse financial responsibility for any child he doesn't want but the woman still chooses to have.

  • As an Atheist, I'm no fan of abortion. When a woman has consensual s** with a man unprotected and gets pregnant she should have the baby. Having the baby makes you physically healthy and you have brought a human being into the world. I can understand a woman who gets raped wanting to abort the rapists baby but I do not understand a woman getting pregnant through consensual s** getting one. Put the infant up for adoption if you don't want it.

  • Soooooo forced birth. Life threatening to some.

  • It is my opinion that if someone is that committed to the pro choice side of the argument that they should practice that choice on themselves... by giving themselves a post birth abortion, not a helpless baby.

    In this modern medical age there is no excuse for abortion. Contraceptives abound and most can be bought over the counter at any drug store. We are all responsible for our choices and even the woman at the heart of Roe v. Wade ended up regretting her decision in later life.

    Its mind boggling how far our world has fallen since Roe v. Wade...

    People complain the the worlds going to h***, well its the world that liberals and hippies pushed for. We now have a couple generations of spoiled little bastards who don't give a s*** for others lives in general because they're taught from a very early age that if there's a pregnancy that there's abortion and to have an abortion that its not really a person that's being killed.

    Some may think this line of thought is convoluted but I say how can you not connect the dots, they are right there.

  • My opinion is nobody should have the right to dictate who lives and who dies .
    I'm not religious in any way and before it comes up no I'm not a republican. It has nothing to do with political beliefs. A woman thinks she should have the right to choose saying is her body it's her choice but I don't see it that way . That way of thinking is hypocritical. A woman says she wants the right choose but are taking the right to live away from their own child. Once a person is pregnant it's not just their body anymore and should have to take the rights of the child into account. Why this is almost never considered is beyond me . People will say up to a certain amount of time it's bot a person. This is ridiculous. Once the sperm enters the egg it starts developing into a person regardless what stage of pregnancy it's at it's still a person . People use pro choice as a way out of a situation that in most cases could have been avoided . Pro life people are not against the right to choose what you do with your body . You have that choice when deciding to use protection or not . What pro life people have a problem with is ending a life because that person didn't make the right decision when it mattered and now are looking for a way out . It's my opinion that being raped or the child not making it to term aside that this is wrong and there are better ways to handle that situation other then the babies death . I don't think it's right to take the child's right to live away from it

  • I see you are away from materialism,so much of inner peace and been in the state of goodness . I used to be spiritual but that doesn't change my polluted mind...then one day I visited trauma center once and that really worked on me....mean to say creator's illusion is very much powerful and fear of death works more as compared to getting a religion....nothing against any religion just my pt of view

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