One sided love

I am very confused so seeking your advice. I have a very dominating but a lovely husband. I am 42 now and I remember our last penetrative s** was somewhere 5 years back. His libido went down so he stopped penetrative s**. We did only orals but this too faded with times. I am a teacher and I also take pvt tutions after college hours at home. They know all my schedules and when hubby is not at home. One of my student always used to sit besides me or accidently touch me but I just ignored him.
Once after all students left after their tuitions, this guy stayed back on the pretext of clearing some algebraic formulae. I took ten more minutes to clear his doubts. He packed his bag, walked to our main door and bolted it from inside. I was shocked to see him this way but he removed a chocolate bar out of his pocket and wished me happy birthday. I was taken aback at this action of his and shook hands plus allowed him to kiss me. He kissed me passionately for 2 minutes and started to squeeze my b****. I was motionless because I was loved affectionately after 5 long years by a young stud. I didnt protest but allowed him to continue. He took me to our bedroom, removed all my clothes and f***** me. This was the best moment of my life.
After he left, I took a wash but feel that my v***** is sore and that my hubby would find out that I was f***** by someone else. This thought is not keeping me at peace. Please advice what to do?


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  • I want some lessons please....

  • Enough of your jibber jabber,why can't you understand a little thing that if you can't sacrifice your marriage then stay where you are

  • I didnt get you

  • I have been in the same position you are in. Forget hubby who has been sleeping at the wheel with no efforts towards you. Now that you tasted the s**, attention and pleasure it will haunt your thoughts. You most likely will daydream about it and uncontrollably long for it again. Now back to your hubby. If he is anything like my Ex he won't change anything that is going his way now. There is nothing you can say to change or talk him into anything. It is selfish, uncaring and a lack of respect.
    You will be living in a sexless marriage unless you cheat or leave him. I cheated like you, felt bad and confessed. That was the worst thing I ever did in my life. For 10 more years I suffered in a sexless marriage often being re-punished for my deed. I just walked out one day a broken person. Met a wonderful person and we married. Guess what? I have s** daily now with a loving spouse !!!

  • Wow, based on your experience, should I not confess anything to my hubbY and continue my affairs?

  • The affairs are your decision. You said your hubby is dominating. So was my ex. I fear it will burn you to the ground as it did me. Your every move you will be watched and you will continually be grilled where, when and who was there for years when your out of his site if he doesn't file for divorce, which he won't do until he exacts enough punishment out. My ex never did stop the jail sentence on me. Wish you luck, I truly do.

  • You have some expectations which are supposed to be fulfilled by your husband but he is unable to take care of it plus 5 years is a long time....moreover all that happened was heat of the moment....i say do it again. Let him grab your legs and thrust his lower part inbetween...Don't worry your husband will understand

  • But wont he find out that somebody else is using his wife. What is somebody tell him? I am very much confused

  •'s upto you. I don't want to blew up your marriage. We are human beings with some needs which must be fulfilled to be happy and complete and ur husband seems to be failing at that part. May be u should talk to ur hubby to bring you back ur s** life and romance. Let me ask you this...would your student forget about those moments you had with him...u also felt that...just incase if he came to know about it .confront him where he was when you needed him in bed....

  • Thats ok but will a man accept his wife sleeping with another marriage. Oh, I forgot to tell that we are Indians and s** outside marriage is a big taboo

  • Stop the urges inside and wait for the time you to be can't sail on two boats at the same time

  • That is precisely my doubt. What should I do now?

  • Let me tell you hubby has no idea

  • Idea, about what???

  • Exactly. He has no idea she has had s** with someone else. He has no idea about anything.

  • Thats ok for now. What if he finds out or this student tells him. What then?

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