Guys like girls a little curvy/heavy?

I've been thin and fit most of my life. I'm 42, a tall girl, 5'11", still quite pretty according to most, but I've pretty much always weighed 135-145 lbs. Even in my late 30s, I was really fit and worked out all of the time.

I've let myself go a bit in recent years, stopped working out, didn't watch my diet closely, etc. I'm currently 175 lbs and most of the weight has gone to my hips and ass. The interesting thing is that guys hit on me now more than ever. Really? I'm sporting more ass than I've ever packed, and guys seem to be coming from every direction wanting to tap it and related parts. It's not just guys my age, but those in their 20s too. It's so weird. It wasn't like this when I was thinner.

I'm married and have told my husband about this, and he thinks that I still look great. What a sweetie. I still want to lose a few pounds and firm up, but I don't mind the attention my ass been getting. It's kinda been nice and friendly.

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  • My wife is as tall as you and when we got married she was a skinny 140 pounds but with a gorgeous curvy figure. Perfect for fattening up. On our honeymoon I begged her to let herself get fat. Thankfully, she did, but it took ten years and two pregnancies to do the trick. Now she weighs 280 pounds and is more beautiful than ever. She used to have gorgeous, lusciously long hair until her 40th birthday. Then she surprised me by coming home with a short pixie cut. I was shocked, but instantly fell in love with her new hair style, as it made her look even fatter. Watching her grow fat over the years has been a huge turn on and her sudden haircut was just the culmination of a beautiful transformation.
    My advice to you is to not stop at 175 pounds, but to add 50 more pounds, if you can. I don't doubt that it will vastly improve your love life. Forget 'less is more', the truth is, 'more is more'. Obesity is sexy. But don't overdo it.

  • Mmm Iove thick women. And I mean slight bulge on belly, nice round ass.
    I love holding her at night. Just something about a woman with a little more meat than skinny.
    You feeling good about yourself shows when you go out in public. Would you take offense to a random guy complimenting you on your ass or would take offense and turn into a b****?
    Now that’s the question!

  • If you can’t fit on the back of my motorcycle you’re too fat

  • I like a woman who is slightly heavy.

  • I like women who are teddy gives me great pleasure when hug them

  • Teddy type? You mean covered in fur?!

  • Yes. And eight feet tall with claws and a wicked jones for berries.


  • I prefer thinner woman, not skinny. And for s**, they are best.

  • I starve my gf. I like her skinny and hungry and obedient.

  • You would if you ever actually had one, which you don't.

  • Bish

  • A lot of men actually don't care about size of a woman so long as she is giving sexual needs to him but its harder to catch them at the right time. fewer and fewer people are getting s** and not as many people are in relationships anymore due to no work and not much income. men are lazy mostly and don't bother to press on for some better woman.

  • There's a large chasm between pop media ideals of beauty and what men really like. You can probably gain another 50lbs before the negative comments start. Even then, most negativity will come from other women and the vast majority of men will still prefer a few pounds.

  • A few pounds maybe but not obesity levels. Men in general I would think want a women with curves, T*** and some ass , but also healthy.

  • Then they'd damn well better meet all of OUR requirements. It's a two way street, boys.

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