Being kidnap

I will be walking out all dress up,why a car pulls along side me and two arab men get out and pull into the car /soon I was naked and arab man said this c*** is boy/we can sell as a s** slave/later I was taken into a room with lots men to be sold naked one arab guy had his hand in my in but and pull it and me lick clean and told me I was to have my b**** and c*** remove and to sold on/hope this can be real

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  • It is on it"s way

  • Where are you ,are you black or arab would love to no
    tara jane

  • Tell me more

  • Love to be call s*** ete

  • Share your f****** details you b****. I 'll make sure world hear your scream when you're ass will filled by monster d***. You are meant to get f*****. You should be tied on bed and f***** hard by 1000 men on daily basis

  • What would you like from me a picture a e/mail or tel no
    tara janexxxxxxxx

  • I don't care how you look i just want your ass to be filled by my c**....yes ur number plz

  • Sent me your e/mail and I will sent you a picture of me
    tara jane

  • Correction it

  • Thank you tara jane

  • Is this the right e/mail tarajane

  • Yes it is..


  • I am 5 ft 6 ins slim nice legs girly bottom small c*** 2 ins when hard small b**** green eyes ,north wales

    would you like my e/mai tarajane

  • H*** yes...i am burning with desire to rape someone that could be you. Grab the opportunity, it really enchants me to see somebody rolling in pain during f***

  • I will be your s** slave

  • I will like to be f*** now come and f*** me tara jane

  • Where are you located and your email id or something so that i can f*** you brutally

  • Do you talk or can you make it come true
    tara jane

  • Give me some contact details, Tara Jane' if want this to happen?

  • I will tell you more later/and I do want this to happen,now

  • Tell me are you black or a arab man
    tara jane

  • After you being raped. The investigating officer would say "this is open and s-l-u-t case"

  • Hot dream. Very hot. I would make it come true for you. I would.

  • You men are all talk

  • Could you I would like that

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