I did it at 14...

I'm 14 I just had s**.... I f***** loved it... But when we were doing it I decided to not use a condom cause it didn't feel right I didn't like it y'all feel me? I did it raw and cummed as deep inside her as I could... We're what we call f*** bodies.. She has a bf and I have a gf yet we still plan to f*** regularly without them knowing... Was it too early? Will she regret it? Cause I know damn well I won't. Thanks please pray ion end up wit a kid 😂

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  • Your 14, she younger or older?

  • Buddy. The condom is for infections. Your pee hole will start itching in a few weeks. It's like a counter bladder infection you have too much s**.

    If you have little white bumps around or near the head you need to cut back. M********* with a death grip and they might go away.

  • Fake ass s***. You're probably a 38yr old fat virgin

  • Nah deadass lmao I'm currently going to 9th grade 😂 I'd give u my insta but ppl finna look at me different but I'm fr tho N ion wanna be fat when I turn 38😂

  • If you ever want to stop, let me know and I'll f*** her for you

  • It's really unfortunate for the human species that we develop sexual desire and function long before our brains are fully formed.

  • Only in s***** societies like the current one, brainwashing young adults into continuing to mentally be children.

  • Right ☹

  • #dumbasschild

  • Hey kid no matter what don't ever give up protection I mean condom...

  • …..super sexy...…...yah....keep on fucken that nasty slagheap......

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