My hubby called his boss for dinner as his family stayed outstation. After food, he asked me to please his boss who was in our guest bedroom. I was reluctant but he forced me saying that his promotion was due. I was a committed wife and never thought of such cheap things in my life. I pleaded with him not to do such evil acts but he wanted to sacrifice my honor for his promotion. After 15 minutes of pleading, he went out of our bedroom and appeared in a minute with his boss. They had planned everything but not informed me their plans. I had to smile at his boss when he came in. Taking my smile as a signal, his boss started kissing me in front of my hubby. I resisted him but my hubby told his boss that its ok and started removing my saree. When I protested, my hubby embraced me tightly and his boss removed my skirt and panty. Hubby locked my lips and made me sleep on bed while his boss licked my p****. After that he came near my face and made me take his tool in my mouth. After that he f***** me. I felt like being raped in front of my hubby.
Occasionally, his boss comes once a month when hubby is at office as he feels that I am his s*** as my hubby supports him.

Jul 2, 2018

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  • Thanks for all your comments

  • Whenever my wife f***** my boss, or him and a friend or two, I was always rewarded with a new company car, large cash bonus, raise, or promotion. She f***** him a lot!

  • Shameless b****

  • You seriously need to do 2 things to prevent this happening again to you and potentially others. You need to leave your husband and call the police. Not in that order either. Please please please don't let these people get away with this. If you didn't agree to any of this then you have been raped. End of.
    Good luck

  • Hi...mujhe be aapke saath karna hai...plz

  • What's a matter b**** why can't you give your f****** contact details

  • Learn to behave. Mind your language, you piece of s*** on this planet

  • Shut the f*** up you dirty little s** toy

  • You want me to shut up... ok.plz put your p**** in my mouth

  • I will! pick me! pick me!

  • Do you think we are fool enough to believe in the bull s*** you just said....go troll away in your own hole b**** and leave us alone

  • Please dont comment without knowing facts.

  • Give me your contact details i want to f*** you right now

  • Wow...that was so hot i would also like to lick your p****

  • Ok, if you feel so

  • Saree....sounds like you are an indian and your husband is a eunuch. Just divorce him right now....i know it his hard for indians to give up there marriage especially woman.but remember today it's you tomorrow could be your daughter. He takes the advantage of your lower self esteem. You must stand for yourself as no body would

  • Is divorce the only solution? Where will I go post divorce? It looks like his boss owns me now.

  • If you have the will there is alot that you could do,needless to say you have adjusted in your life and accepted him to be a part of it...I wonder why you were playing as a victim...fantasy?

  • I am not that educated to find a job. In India, a women is always blamed if husband leaves her.

  • Then just resign yourself to being your husbands w****

  • Ok...just because what people would think and for your parents honor you'll stick with this and your husband will keep on tossing you from one friend to another. Nice...enjoy the life of a w**** than

  • Yes, you are right, boss sends hubby out of town to be with me. Last night he told that hubby wants him to impregnate me. I am broken now

  • Awesome honey. Ultimate w****

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