My wife's career

My wife Julie and I have been married for 8 years. She is a personal assistant to the CEO of her company and has translation ability with Spanish and Mandarin. She has had essentially the same job with two other trade-oriented businesses in the last four years. She makes good money. I do financial planning, working from home.

Her problem is she is also hot: 32 y.o., 5'6", 32-23-34.

In each of her previous two jobs she did good work and wanted to move up the ladder. In each case her boss told her if she wanted to move up she had to f*** him on a regular basis. She quit both jobs.

Her present job seemed like a great opportunity, and for six months she loved it. About a month ago she began to come home depressed, but she wouldn't tell me why. Finally last night she told me, tearfully, that her boss has started pressuring her to f*** him if she wants a raise or a promotion. A few days after he started telling her this she had lunch with a couple of other women who work in similar jobs. When they heard her story they told her that it was lousy, but their bosses did it too- it seemed to be standard in that career niche in our area. Each of them said she f***** her boss whenever he asked for it, but after a while he moved on to another woman.

Her only options were to quit, refuse her boss and get less and less opportunity in the company, or f*** him. She didn't think going to HR was an option because they had a reputation for covering up the executives' indiscretions.

She asked me what she should do. I was furious at her boss and screaming, which didn't help anything. When I calmed down I asked her to let me think about it overnight.

The next morning, after tossing and turning most of the night, I told her what I thought. I said I would give her a hall pass only good for f****** her boss to help her career. She cried some more and then said she would do it. Then she left for work and it was my turn to cry.

Dec 15, 2019

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  • Turn him into hr and sue the company for big bucks. if you dont get anywhere contact me through here. we can cut his b**** off if you want

  • So, four months later, what happened afterwards? How was it for your wife and is her boss still having s** with her? What benefits have she reaped? Like cars, bonuses, raises, promotions?

  • She should quit this job too. I dated a woman who had a promising career in journalism as a television reporter, but she discovered that you basically had to f*** your way to the top to be an anchor woman. She was 23 and a recent college grad. She ended up working in education after we broke up, but we still keep in touch. It is not worth having to do favors for any guy at any time. If your income can handle her being unemployed for a bit, do it. She has some translation skills, so she should be marketable.

  • Hot. Say basically all the anchorwoman we see today have had on their knees or bent over a desk? Incredibly lucky men!

  • Holy f*** dude you're a cuck. Absolute f****** mess. Why don't you just go hang yourself so your wife doesn't have to suffer with a spineless piece of s*** like you.

  • No, this guy is smart. He knows it's going to happen anyways whether with her boss or some other men she knows. So he let her do it and reap the rewards.

    At least his wife told him about it. I bet she's already f***** her boss and she's just admitting her guilt. Her boss should pay for all the contraceptives or abortions afterwards though.

  • Good for you for giving her a hall pass. And at least she was up front about it. It may not be all that bad for her. My ex had to f*** her boss too, and though she didn't really want to, she learned to somewhat enjoy it and even get off. Just make sure she's on the pill so you don't end up raising his baby.

  • And you call that love? Sounds like your wife is talented enough to start her own business and find success. Start charting a course for her own business success and leave that gross and illegal boss behind.

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