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I thought you are the best thing that happened to me . Who knew all the management position and politics at work. All your hard work , talent and passion did not matter when multiple times you were sidelined for promotion. I saw you depressed and very stressed. This effected both of us. I was shocked when I realized those who shared their wives with bosses moved up the ladder. No talent , no qualifications , no amount of hard work matters. After getting transferred again & again , I knew I had no choice. I slept with your boss , made him happy. Then the senior V.P wanted me , I even let him enjoy me . Finally the promotion came and thought we had peace. Who would have thought they want you to move up the next level so soon , just eleven months. Well there is catch for every thing now your boss wants me to have foursome with his friends. Will this be the end. This is the third company you have been where I have seen swapping and special benefit packages. When will I get time to be me and spent quality time with you. Why is education and potential not important anymore. I just want to go back to college and get a job myself. If this continues , I want you to quit your job.

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  • Do you ever find yourself feeling lucky to be so desired by so many powerful men?

  • I never felt lucky. Was given gift cards to shop for lingerie, shoes, clothes etc. I know being tall and pretty with a hot body does attract guys , sometimes too many . But many guys felt attracted to me , even before we got married .They were not rude or forceful. Hated s** first few times. Then I got used to it. May even find it difficult , now to go back to status quo. When you get too many options naturally the body starts to expect and accept it. The financial security did make a ton of difference.

  • My situation was a little different. I've always cheated, without my husband's knowledge, so when this opportunity presented itself at his job, I used it as cover. I loved -- REALLY loved -- the arrangement with his boss, and I actively pursued him, almost whorishly. My husband always assumed that I was going against my will, so I never tried to correct his impressions of what I was up to. Even the boss thought we were being "naughty". Neither of them ever knew.....I was having the time of my life: permission to be the tramp I've always been.

  • Was it an arrangement with just one. Did more executives want to get involved. If there were more guys would your husband be fine with it. Did his boss treat you well or was it just s**. Was your husband happy with it. Did it worsen or make your s** life better. Does more money make the S** better b/w you and your hubby. Are there less arguments or issues with the financial situation getting better.

  • The first time I did this I was super scared. I was 45. Departmental manager and a lot to loose. I was really worried that they would report me. Here was this young kid maybe 24 and his wife at the company Christmas party. I was infatuated with her. I agonised over and over again about how to do this. In the end I spoke to him at the local pub where it was noisy as I was worried he might record me. I said there was a way to get up the corporate ladder faster and that was that if his wife were to be my mistress. He told me I was dreaming. Two or three months later he started coming round my office because he heard there was a higher position going. I said you know the deal. He said is it guaranteed. I said the deal can be that after you get the new position then you send your wife over. The best bit was that he got the job because he deserved it. I had no influence that I know of and his wife dutifully met me. I actually felt real bad and the first time ended up just feeling her up and having her undress and twirl around for me. Since then I have taken a more active role in his promotions and his wife dutifully comes over when I call.

  • Was she active and involved or was she upset ? Was she willing participating or the husband pushing us into it. Poor thing, they never would have known you had no influence. You did had the guts to make the move and they just buckled under pressure. Life's stress breaks many good ones and others enjoy all benefits from it. This is becoming so common now.

  • She was and sill is reluctant. He told her but did not force her. Part of what was a downer the first time was she was so robotic. Later on I told him to tell her she had to at least pretend to enjoy it

  • She can't stand you for a second. That's why she is so robotic. You are very lucky , that you made a move and she believed you could influence. God knows how many situations like this has happened when the couples have thought, they were being helped.

  • This tears me apart. My marriage is cold. I stay to support my wife. Years ago she made a sacrifice for me. She allowed herself to be used for s** by this man so he would give me a job. I had a university degree but could not get a job in that area. I was doing part time low paid work. Then one day I get a phone call inviting me in for a interview and I got the job. Within a year I was earning $100k more than before.

    Fast foward 10 years and we have a great house and kids and I'm looking to change to another company when my boss calls me in says I can't leave. He spills the beans on what my wife's been doing.

    She I think feels trapped. I feel obligated. What about the kids, grand parents if this leaks out. So I go to work. Every now and then she does her duty.

  • She has done the ultimate sacrifice for you. A few in the world get a wife like that who give up everything to make the husband and kids happy , prosperous & safe. Many people live pay chq to pay chq. Imagine what your situation would have been and where you would have been , if not for her. She cares and is actually trying to put you ahead of everyone.

  • Yes. She made a huge sacrifice for me and that is one of the reasons that I have not left the marriage because I feel that even though we have fallen out of sexual love or l*** that there is a obligation to stay and try to make it work. You are right. If she had not made that sacrifice I would have had one dead end job after another and probably ended up depressed and we would have lived in a rented dump.

  • This is how I lost my wife.

  • So, what happened......?

  • At the company where my husband works they actually make you bring your wife on an interview before you get a job there. i thought it was a nice touch at first you know to make it feel like a family. but then i realized what you realized. its nothing like a family. its like a whorehouse.

  • Do they give u a hint. They want to swap wives or is it sleep with them and your hubby 's career is safe ? Was your husband mad with them or he would have preferred you go for it ?

  • No, during the interview process its all cool. they make you feel comfortable, they talk about supporting your husband, they talk about it being a big family with “group activities”, but there’s no s** talk, or any implication about anything nasty. its not til maybe 5-6 months after your husband gets the job that they start putting the pressure on him. by then, you’re both used to the money and the prestige, and you can’t afford to jump ship. and they don’t swap wives, because that doesn’t leave the upper management in the dominant position: swapping is too equal. they force your husband to force you to play on your own, in exactly the way you describe: they’re holding his job – and the family’s livelihood – hostage. my husband was furious at first, but that didn’t last very long, only a few weeks. by then, i wasn’t just dating one manager: i was dating four. at that point, he became emasculated, and our s** life at home totally went to h***. and that was when I felt something else you’ve said here, in precisely the same way you described it. you said, “when you get too many options naturally the body starts to expect and accept it.” OMMFG! that’s exactly what happened! my body started to demand all the additional attention and heat and love. i had to have the four, and i even went after another manager on my own. i needed what i wasn’t getting at home. i guess i still love my husband but sometimes i don’t respect him. i don’t like this game but i cant stop it.

  • We were told people close to the top management got priority. So called - it's all about loyalty and who can keep their mouth shut. Then when we didn't get what that was. Next conversation involved - Beautiful wives can make a big difference. One director even talked about the size of my t*** when he had few drinks. That shocked my hubby and we got the message they were cornering us. There thinking is so called (B.S.) Unspoken understanding "if we can sleep around with wives and you can keep quiet " then you are loyal and good.In a boat cruise one of the director 's wife took out her bra and bikini then asked my husband if he could rub lotion all over. (This was when they were trying to get us involved and we were very reluctant. ) My husband froze, excused himself and said he will get her husband. How did your husband 's company get you involved. Did they ask openly ? Or We're they inviting you for parties and approaching you ?

  • Work places have got weird. First Christmas party, one of the senior executives told me I have a good rack. Another one walked by and squeezed me from the back. I was so embarrassed. I thought at first these guys were drunk and just kept it to myself. Well wish I knew that was just the start.

  • When I read this -- just a few moments ago this morning -- I actually started to cry. Your situation is something like I've been going through for several years myself, and while I absolutely hate the fact that you're having to go through it, there was something like relief to me, finding someone else who understands. And more important, someone who was willing to speak up about it. My husband is quite a bit older than me, so my relative youth (back when I was young) made me a more attractive alternative for the men at higher levels within the corporation. At first, it was just three or four of the senior management, but then they started passing me around to others, and even to some of the favored younger men. The group s** followed, like for you. I came home crying every time for two years, feeling filthy and abused, feeling like a w****. But the promotions -- and the raises -- kept coming for my husband, so I gritted my teeth and went out on the dates. After a few years, I actually began to travel on business trips with my husband's immediate superior, pretending to be his "trophy wife". It never gets any better, but it does get more tolerable. I don't know how old you are, but please weigh the lost income to the family against the amount of time you'll be spending in getting a better education and rising up through the corporate ranks yourself: it may well not be worth it financially. If you can, just grin and bear it.......if you love your husband. If you don't love him, or if you hate him for putting these men between your legs, then you have to leave. Leave before you become addicted to the s** and the incredibly flattering attention. Don't wind up like me, used up and unlovable by anyone else.

  • Appreciate your post. Good to know there are others who have been in similar situations. I don't feel dirty or used but angry, very angry that we were kind of cornered. I respect my body & soul. My husband is an exceptional person. Loves me more than anything and I couldn't have asked for a better partner. Just the circumstances. I know we will lose a lot. Financially we are sound now. But if they let him go we will have a top of issues starting with the mortgage. Sad but I am kind of fine with all the S**, guess it was just a matter of time. Don't think he wants to take chance and leave. All we did would have gone waste. I am in my late 20's. You have been kind to share your story. Wish I could talk to someone. Hate these fellows at his work. If I can email or communicate with you , it would have taken a bit of pressure off me. I realize it's tough for both of us. Thank you.

  • The mother on Forrest Gump did it to get her kid into a good school. After that film I suggested my wife do it so our daughter could go to a good private school. She did. Our daughter got a scholarship. Once every term, my wife goes and does it with the headmaster. It's never discussed. She never says anything but she's not real comfortable with it. For a few days after she is quiet and does not like to be touched or hugged and s** is definatly out.

  • Did the headmaster give a hint ? How did u guys know this would work? Is it common in private school or college's? Was she reluctant or did she agree instantly? Does she feel trapped since she has to keep going back or is she used to it now?

  • I was not comfortable in the beginning but slowly I got used to it. In today's world this is reality . You have to do whatever they want. We were even ready to give gifts or chq if that will influence the decision . But they want to be pleasured. I worried it would bother me a lot but after we finally got we wanted for some odd reason I felt relieved..... Just don't know how to explain it. Was tired of all the B.S. and excuses. Not more of their games. I was like , I should done this years ago so we didn't have go through all the stress and agony . My husband has been very supportive. He told me I was bold and strong to get this over with. We have a ton of love and respect for each other. God knows how many companies this is the fact of life , that most have to deal with. There attitude is either you participate , be part of their group or leave.

  • No, I'm so sorry. This won't be the end. You're going to have to keep pleasing the supervisors in order to allow hubby to advance. So either find a way to enjoy your relationships with all these men, or find a way to control them, or have your husband take a job with no promise or hope of advancement. My recommendation? Find a way to control the men sexually.

  • My Husband tried his level best. He hit all the measureable categories / targets for business year after year. They gave him every project under the sun and he outperformed every other team leader. As years went by we realized they always had excuses and something else was the issue. We got transferred from one part of the country to another. We had no clue want was going on . Later heard the top management has some crazy parties . Then one day they promised to bring us back to our metro city , if we purchased a house close to his boss's estate. They treat us well now since we gave in. Guess I am getting used to the s** too. The guys I had to please didn't push boundaries. But it seems many senior executives and their wives are involved with each other. Seems to be the norm. Most women just tag along or you just lose sleep being stressed. After the next promotion hopefully he can apply somewhere else.

  • I'm independent and own my own business.
    My partner is employed,with the royal mail.
    Hearing these confessions,have deeply troubled me.
    If my partner pulled me aside and asked me to sleep with his boss,so he could get a promotion,I would tell him,"To get f*****!"
    I can only speak for current circumstances and my personal morals.
    However,I haven't always owned my own business.I studied hard and worked alongside studying,in order to finance my living costs and so forth.
    I met my partner at college.After college,I continued to study my Msc and Phd.He went straight into employment.We had times,when we struggled.But even then,he worked extremely hard to progress,up the career ladder at his work.Knowing my partner,aswell as I do,sharing me to gain a promotion,wouldn't even,"cross his mind"
    However,I applaud the wife's,who are willing to sacrifice their bodies and emotions,for their husbands careers.Fair enough,if you secretly fancy your husbands boss/work colleagues and wouldn't mind f****** them.
    Everyone's circumstances and situations are different,just like everyone has different morals,values,personalities etc.
    But I still believe,it sounds like the wife's are being whored out,by their p*** of a husband.
    I'd feel the same,if it was a man whoring himself,so his Mrs could get a promotion.

    I guess,good luck to you! I hope you manage to o***** and gain major satisfaction,from these trysts.You might aswell,get something out of it,besides sacrificing yourselves,for your pathetic husbands.

  • Qualifications in different professions at different times have different values. Only the wearer knows where the shoe is pinching. Many people have lives that may not be as colorful like yours specifically since you have a business. Just like everyone can't win the lottery or be the President. Trust me if your situation was bad enough you would either do this or break up , to move on with someone else. Every person alive has a breaking point. Some couples love each other too much and go through anything to be with each other and appreciate their partner 's hard work. Every company may not have the same track record but most do. It's again the men with power. Weird you would think these wives fancy husband bosses. Have you never fantasiesed another man ever.. or visualized yourself in a different situation ? ( Ya right. World of nuns that you are part of. ) Any normal person would at least once in their life. That doesn't mean they go seeking other men. Neither do these wives go looking for multiple o****** nor orgies when it's upsetting. Not sure that is what you would have wanted for yourself in these situations. What is moral ? Who defines it. Do we have a New pope ! People who have everything or those who think they are perfect ? Some feel they are special , they never shed skin and pardon my french their sh_ t never smells . LOL , everywhere you can find some hypocrites.

  • The reality of the world is that connections matter more than qualifications.

    Who you know trumps what you know. Always.

    OK you have an example that involves s** but the above is true with nothing to do with s**. As a boss, I am much more likely to hire someone I know or who has been referred to me. It's the reality of life. Same goes for getting work for my company. I spend most of my time getting to know potential clients. The effect is twofold. One is I get leads as to what problems these people need solving and they get to know me. End result - I get the job. In my case no s** but it's the same thing. Who you know!

  • I understand the imp of connections and being close to the people who make decisions. That is why we gave in and thought just get it done. So many years of hard work and time would have otherwise gone waste.

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