Sister inlaw

I have been married to my wife for 10 years now. I am 10 years older then her. The way we met is a little weird. I first met her mother who at the time was married. I was single at the time and lived next door. One night her mom came over and we had s**. It only happened one time. Then after about 6 months we started talking (my wife and I). She was 17 years old at the time and I was 27 so I knew to wait until she was 18. Well that did not turn out to good. One day she knocked at my door crying. I asked her what was wrong and she just grabbed me and statted kissing. Needless to say we had s** and have been together for 10 years. Well here is the rest of the story. She has two younger sisters and a brother. Her mom eneded up getting hooked on drugs and she tried to sell her daughters for drugs. Luckly we found out and COS/state put her sibilings with us. She had a 14 year old sister, a 10 year old sister and a 7 year old brother. Well they came to live with us and at first it was alright. It all went down hill after about 10 months. Her 14 year old sister would walked around the house half naked. Inhad to tell her several times to out cloths on. Her response would be I dont see you like that. Well im a drinker and when I get off of a 10 hour work day I drink. Half of the time I pass out on the couch on weekends. And when we, me and my wife used to live by our selves I would wake up to her riding me. Well one Saturday I over did it and passed out on the couch. I woke to what I thought was my wife riding me. NOPE! It was her 14 year old sister! Half of me was stop and the other half was well your d*** is already in her so f*** it. She was riding me hard like an expert. I grabbed her hips and started guiding her. She was buck naked and I could see her tea cup t*** from the glare of the tv. When I was about to c** I told her and she junped off and started sucking my d**k until I came. She swallowed every last drop and kept going. She had me shaking when she was done. after she went to her room and J fell back asleep. I woke up to my wife her sister cussing me. She was lkke what the f***? I asked her what are you talkkng about? She said what the is this. Her sister had left her panties on the floor. I told my wife asked your damn sister J dont know crap about that. Her sister told her that she had done laundry anduat habe dropped them. That onlh happened once bit her 14 year sister lived with us for 3 years and thru out those years her 14 year old sister would take off her dirty panties and give them to me. We never had s** again but she kelt giving me her used panties until she mived out. But it dosent end there. Remember I said she also had a 10 year old sister that was now 13 years old. Well one day my wife was at work and I was off during the summer. Her 13 year sister had gone to the lake with her friends so I had the house to my self. So I figured s**** it im bu myself im going to watch p***. I was im my nedroom with the door closed watching p***. Im on my bed butt naked rubbing one out. I had the volume up loud and I did not here her sister come in. So im hard and rubbing lookkng at p*** when out of the corner of my eye I see her standkng there. At that point I shot my load and she watched until I finished then sut the door. I got dressed and went to fave the music. I asked her if she wanted to talk and she said no just to forget about it. Which to me was perfect. Well a coulle of weeks went by with nothing out of the ordinary. Then ine weekend my wife is at work and im at home with her little sister. Now we have tile thru out the house so there is a maybe one inch gap at the bottom of the doors. Well I was doing pushups in the living room and one of the restrooms faces the living room. As I am doing pushups her 13 year old siater gkes to the restroom. As im doing oushuls I notice her fingers almost comkng out from under the door. At first I got scared and thought somethkng happened. So I got up and went to check on her. As I got near the restroom I could hear moaning. So I stood ny the restroom door and heard her moan for about two minutes before she finished. Now that got my curious ass wanting to know what or how she was doing it. Next time it happened I took a mirror and put it under the door amd saw everting. She wouldnt het naked just in her panties and shirt. The first time I saw her she would lay belly down on the tile with a bundled up towel undee her crotch while having some of my used bixers in her hand and smelling them. She would hump that towel hard jntil she finshed. I saw this for about 3 years. The last year she would lay on her back and do herself with a brush until she squirted. She busted me looking her bit did not say anything. She moved out when she was 15. When she graduated we thru her a party at our house. I got feelkmg good and asked her if she rembered what she used to do. Without a beat she said yes I remember you looking did you enjoy it. I said yes and she was this is your one chance you want to f**k or not. I told her no but she did give me a hand job while I held her ass. Me and my wife are still together and happy. When you have sister inlaws that are freaks what are you suppose to do. The sisters are now 23 and 19. The 23 year old has a baby and is married.
The 19 yeat old is single and fokng to school. They are both super hot but my wife her sister leaves them behind in hotnes


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  • Omg 14 ridding you how did that feel

  • It didn't. The story is bullshit.

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