So different now

When I was growing up I was proud of the U.S. and proud to be from here. Now? No way. America is a joke and being called an American in an insult.

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  • Ask yourself this question? What are you doing, what have you done to make it better? Are you a taker or giver?

    At least show your making and effort and quit whining. If your looking for a handout do like the others say and start packing.

  • Each to their own.

  • America is the same country it always was, your understanding of it has changed. It still has redeeming qualities and good people in it. Despite the steps backward, it is still generally moving forward when you step back from current events. Give it time, the pendulum will swing in the other direction.

  • That pendulum is going to have to swing pretty f****** hard to balance out this bullshit

  • Wise words 😀 I like your flow.

  • Sasha brown Cohen seems to have gotten congressmen to endorse giving school kids guns.

  • Mexico is south, Canada north. Europe is east, China & Russia west.
    Quit acting like a butthurt beatch and pick a direction and go already.

  • Nice projection there champ. There's a buttheart "beatch" here, but it isn't the commenter you're bothering. God forbid anyone should have a realistic opinion of their home country, as opposed to bleating flagwavers like you who don't have two living brain cells to rub together!

  • My friend as compared to other countries you're in heaven

  • I invite you to leave then.

  • I invite you to bite me.

  • So you whine on but stay here anyway. What a pity you won't leave.

  • Deal with it. We have to deal with unthinking sheep like you, so endure having to live with your mental superiors :)

  • It only sounds like whining to you because you're a whiner.

  • America is innovative and great with tech. Not so good with people.
    If they don't get their own way they invade or kill you.

  • Yep. We're the rich clueless bully who buys our way into or out of any situation we want.

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