Cage Training

I'm not in a relationship at the moment. A couple of my past relationships have been Master/Slave dynamics. I am finding that I'd like to cage train a young girl (18-25) .

Have you ever considered being cage trained?

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  • Last night my master tied my arms to the bed. Then he put a clothes peg on each nipple. Right on the end. Cripes it hurt. If I wriggled a bit it sometimes lowered the pain but just slightly too much and the peg would move and a jab of burning pain.

    After a while the pain began to dull and my chest felt like a band of warmth. Then he took the pegs off. Another seering pain.

  • I wonder what cage training actually is.

  • I'm still wondering what it actually is. So it's like BDSM or slavery. But in the BDSM context what is it. What trainings is needed.

    My sub is far too useful to keep in a cage. I do enjoy freaking her out. So putting her in a cage for a bit would be fun for me but only once or twice.

    But what training is involved?

  • It's slavery. Don't let this clown put a better face on it.

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