Ex wives punishment

I began to cheat on Kelly about a year after we got married.I dont know why I couldnt stay faithful to my wife,,we had an awesome ** life ,, When I saw a woman or even young girls something inside me made me go after them and ** them .I never told my wife about all the affairs I had while we were married,after awhile she started catching me no matter how careful I was and eventually she had enough and divorced me.We stayed friends and even went out several times after our divorce. One night we went out to a party and I got drunker than I ever have .I remember Kelly getting me home,,and bits and pieces of her getting me undressed and the next morning I woke up with the worst hang over and discovered that she had locked a stainless steel chastity cage on my **.The lock cylindar was replaced with a solid pin that had to be pressed in place making it impossible to remove my ** cage without causing harm to my ** and **.I didnt see Kelly for several months and when I asked her why she did this to me she said it was because of what I did to her mentally and physically while we were married.She said now she can punish me for cheating on her and the abuse caused from what I did.I havent been able to use my ** for sexual purposes but after awhile you learn how to make yourself have ** without the use of your ** .

Next Confession

Bi querious

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  • Nice fantasy, if not then so stupid to not figure a way out of that

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