Fetish confession

I am a 19 year old boy. I regularly fantasize about having s** with women in their thirties. I fantasize that she undresses me except for my v-shaped underwear, cuffs my hands and legs to the bed, fondles me down there from above my underwear and occasionally inserts her hand in it, all the while kissing my lips, and I passionately kiss her lips in return. This goes on for sometime until she finally removes my underwear and rides me to an Earth-shattering o*****.

There is an alternate fetish as well. I am on top of such a woman, only in my underwear. I kiss and fondle her for a long time without removing my underwear, which has become a cage for my stiffness. It gets painful but I do not remove it from its cage. I keep kissing her and fondling. Finally, when my control limit exceeds, I remove my underwear and bang with all energy.

Jul 18, 2020

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  • Cougars are sexy

  • I f****** know right! It's almost intoxicating.

  • Older women are the best. I’m 19 and prefer women 45 or older

  • Do you have a similar underwear fetish?

  • No underwear fetish. Just love f****** older women. They really know how to have amazing s** and most of them have bush which is so sexy.

    My motto is if the p**** ain’t old enough to birth me it ain’t worth f******

  • I feel powerful on a whole different level while banging older women.

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