He seduced my wife

It's been about six years since I got a divorce from my wife who, I admit, was hot. She was about 5'10", 120 pounds and in great shape, blond hair to her shoulders, blue eyes and 34C t***. She was like a Barbie with curves. I knew she was hot when I met her since all the guys would check her out even when I was there. Anyway, about three years after everything was final, I had a drink with one of our mutual friends for old time sake and we got tipsy enough to get real honest. He told me had always had a thing for her. On one night when we were married but still in a long distance relationship, he said there was a party at her place and everyone was drunk. After everybody left, he stayed there because he had a quick leave from the army. He said he felt guilty for a long time about something.

He confessed that she sucked his c*** for 20 minutes in her bed and he came in her mouth. In 11 years of marriage, she never swallowed with me and I told I didn't believe him. He told me he still remembered her bra and panties from that night and described a tiny pair of lace thong panties that said "Sexy Little Bride" on them with the a bra to match. That was the same set I bought her a week before the wedding. He even described her t*** and it was accurate. He said he thought it was fine to finally say something since enough time had passed. To this day, I can't help but wonder what else they got up to if he got her down to her thong and did things she never did with me.


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  • Sorry pal, but other guys saw her in her thong if that’s all it took for her to blow a guy...and they didn’t stop there regardless of what he says.

  • Well you can either be jealous or make her tell you about it.... During s**.

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