I'm 24f petite in size. No one knows this about me. Every weekend I leave home and go to a truck stop with a hotel beside it, about an hour or so away. I go there while my bf works weekends and wear my shorts shorts and barely even a top. I walk back and forth all Saturday night from my room to the station. I do this till I get a few of them catcalling me and then I say well then do something about it and return to my room. Last weekend was the best one yet. I took of my shorts and got on the bed on all fours on front of three big hairy truckers and told them to fill 'r up. And each of them took turns in all my holes. All of them. I even let them finish inside me. Leaving it in there as I drove home. Then when I came home I let him lick me clean. Hehehe he didn't even know. What a dummy

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  • It was a good story but you f***** it up at the end . Which I'm sorry was an obvious lie. There isn't a person in the world who couldn't taste the difference between a p**** that's just been f***** and cumed inside and one that hasn't . I like the story but even if the ending is the only lie . It just screwed up the believability of the rest of your story .
    Definitely got me hard until the end

  • Nice story. Too bad you're really a 14 year old boy who still lives at home with mom and dad.

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