My son in law

Yesterday my son in law was at my house sitting at the table wearing a pair of shorts and I could see his manhood through the opening in the leg of the shorts and it made me very excited and I think he let me see it deliberately

Feb 11, 2019

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  • I have a texting app on my phone that will automatically text the last person to send you a message. I was texting back and forth with my wife and we were talking dirty. She asked me to send her a d*** pic. I snapped the picture and was just hitting send when my wife's sister texted me a millisecond before I hit send. The d*** pic went to her instead of my wife. I freaked the f*** out and called my wife immediately. She laughed her ass off. She finally called her sister after she stopped laughing and told her it was a accident. Then her sister laughed her ass off at me. My wife didn't think it was so funny when I told her that her sister has now seen my d***. No, that's not true. She still thought it was f****** funny as h***.

  • Your wife’s sister will be thinking of you f***** her now.

  • I would f*** her too. She is just as hot as my wife only she's got bigger t******. My wife is a 34 B and her sister is a 34 D. I know because I checked out her bra one time when it was in the laundry right on top. I rubbed her bra on my b**** and imagined f****** her as I stroked it. Got f****** interrupt when my wife knocked on the door and told me to stop stinking up the bathroom.

  • I bet the thought of f*****. Your wife’s sister turned u on like crazy cheating is a big turn on l*** takes over.

  • I f***** my wife's sister several times. It was amazing!

  • I dated this girl named Lisa when I was 22. Her family loved in Kansas city so we drove down from Chicago one year to visit during the holidays. We stayed with one of her aunts because she was single and had enough room. She wasn't a bad looking woman, not sure why she was single. Anyway, so the first night we got there my girlfriend was tired so she went to bed leaving me and her aunt talking. We got hungry and decided to get some snacks. In the kitchen she opened a cabinet door above the stove and was reaching to get some popcorn. She had pajamas on so as she was stretching her top came up and I could see her sexy midriff. Without even thinking I stepped up behind her and reached to help her get the popcorn. My d*** had started to get hard and I pressed it against her ass. As I stepped back with popcorn in hand she turned around and looked down at my d***. Then calmly said "I think that may have excited you some". I adjusted myself and was just about to ask her to fix the problem when she continued with. "Maybe you should go wake up Lisa to help you out with that".

  • I did that once with my mother in law, she didn’t have any problems with the fact I’m the man of her daughter. I f***** her on the kitchen table. Maybe because she’s a widow of 65 who doesn’t expect to get any d*** anymore she let me.

  • The same girl I dated from Kansas city, I also let take nude photos of me. She had a ton of pictures on her phone of my d***. I found out from her sister that she showed her sister and her mom the pictures of my d***. I am just a little under 8 inches hard. Her sister told me her and her mom made comments about wanting to f*** me.

  • I do this with my mother in law all the time. Sometimes in a tight space, I hold her hips and brush my d*** across her ass as I squeeze by.

    Once she bent over not knowing I was walking behind her so I used that moment to grab her ass and rub my d*** right into her ass before acting surprised and apologising for walking into her.

  • I flashed my MIL before. I was in the shower and had gotten out. She wasn't there when I got in but heard her after I got out. I walked out of the bathroom totally naked to my shocked MIL. I played it off like I didn't know she was there. The look on her face was priceless. She also started treating me better after that. Sometimes I think she's so nice now that she's flirting with me.

  • Mmmm f*** her

  • What matters is that u liked it.

  • Definitely! I only got with my wife to get to her mum!
    If you don't mind me asking how old are you and him?

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