The night she drank too much

One night at a friend's house, we were enjoying a cookout and drinking. It was summer and my wife was wearing shorts and a halter top. Everybody was having fun, but my wife had drank a little too much, so the lady of the house and myself took my wife to a spare bedroom and let her lay across the bed in a spare bedroom. In about an hour and a half, I went in to check on my wife and saw that she had removed her shorts and panties. I got her woken up and she put her shorts and panties on and we went back outside. She wasn't feeling that well, so we decided to go home. It wasn't until a couple days later, she said she needed to tell me something. She said that at the party when I came into the bedroom and woke her up to go home that she realize as soon as she started putting her panties and shorts on, that someone had f***** her while she was passed out. That night, I didn't think much of it, because she always sleeps in the nude. At least, she had a hysterectomy a couple years prior to that night, so I know she couldn't get pregnant, but whoever got to her, left her with his c** inside of her. She just said that she was scared to tell me before we left the party, because she thought I might start some kind of trouble. It would have p***** me off, but I would not have known who to accuse of f****** her, but we are over it now, so thankfully, all is ok and she is fine. I just wonder if anything like this has happened to anyone else. Just joking, I told her that if she hadn't been passed out, she might have enjoyed getting f***** by another man. Oh well, it's over and now we can mark it up as history.

Jan 30

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  • So she was rape

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