Wife Monalisa

Well it would be several weeks after that before Sherry let herself be talked into trying it again but is subtle ways she had brought it up in some of our private conversations but like a woman she always made it seam like it was my Idea but I was fine with it as long as she was willing to have me there so We made up more rules.
Married males were considered safe so we had to decide if we wanted friends or be discrete and she said she would be nervous with a stranger but she didn't want our friends to know what she was doing so we had been surfing the net watching p*** so we checked out some swinging sites and dating sites to see what our options were.

During this time we talked to several guys that were interested after seeing her picture and with her being 5 ft 4 1/2 inches tall with 38 B-cup b****** and weiging only 110 pounds she is a wet dream but she considers herself plain and mousey she has a devilish smile though when we are playing around and gives good head.
We decided after awhile not to give real names so she became Mona Lisa to the guys we talk to now and I could tell thet her new name excited some of them we checked out Craigs list to and found her next lover there Manuel a mexican dude that his wife lets him play around because he is alwats h**** and we even talked to her once and she just said to go ahead if we wanted she was OK with it.
Then he sent us pictures of him nude and of his c*** .
It is a full 8 inches but looks odd because the head of his c*** is almost twice as big as his snaft that is at least 2 inches thickwell in her own subtle way Sherry made it clear she was in kind of a hurry still making sure that if it didnt work out it would all be my fault but again I was so wrapped up and excited thet when we agreed on that Saturday her and I were very eager .
Manny called that evening and told us he had rented a foom at motel 6 in napa and room 234 second deck and in the back where our cars would be hidden from the traffic.

The next morning as we drank coffee Sherry was a nervous wrwck changing her mind about it wantinmg me to call and cancell but she always let me talk her out of it but the room wouldent be ready until after 1 PM so we surfwed the net and talked to a few other guys and she calmed down once guys started telling her just what they wanted to do to her and soon she was laughing and teasing with them.
Time still dragged for me thoughwhth thousands of boubta about my true feelings about watching her s**** another guy bet I remembered how exciting it was the frist to times and I just had to see it again.
Sherry is on birth control since we started doing this and although that isent 100 % we willingly take the risk for the excitement and I have wondered how I would react if she did get pregnant by another guy but I think I can handle it besides what other options do we have other than condoms and neither of us want that soooo.
Well t waqs finally time and we dicided on her dressing in something simple to discard so she did her wrap around with a beelt tie and only pantys and no bra since her b****** are still firm All the way over there she would set like a statue with her hands in her lap looking out the front window a grim look on her face then suddenly burst out babbeling almost incohearently about the kids or did I make sure the fires were off on the stove the turn back her jaws clenched tight until we pulled up beside his Toyota Prious and she looked at the stairs like they were a hangmans steps but without a word to me she climbed the stairs and knocked on his door.
I heard his footsteps and then the door was open and he stood there looking at us and Sherry stammeres I,m Mona sticking out her hand and he welcomed us in and asked if I wanted anything to drink Beer, coke. wine and Sherry said wine please and he poured it into a plastic cupfor her and she sipped it nervously and I explained that he was only her third guy and she was nervous so He took her hand and talked quietly to er telling her that he would be gentle and loving all she had to do was relax then he sat her down and started to rub her neck his long fingers searching for the tight spots and Sherry moaned as he worked ocwer her neck and shoulders until she relaxed even more then he led her to the bed and said I will give you a massage first ok and she nossed her head as he untied her sarong and opened it up bareing her b****** for him and blushing like a brise glancing nervously over at me ad he was complimenting her on her body and he carrassed her b****** with his fingers and tongur them he had her get on the bed on her belly and he straddeled her hips and began to slowly work on her back muscles and Sherry moanes softly as his fingers searched out the tight muscles for long minutes then he removed his clothes and his c*** was hard for her but her face was buttied in the pillow .
I am sure she felt his c*** and b**** against her ass cheeks but she just laid there as he worked her over slowly sliding back to where his c*** slipped in between her ass cracks I was surprised when I heard her throaty augh and she wiggled her hips for him aand then he pressed down on the huge head of his d*** until it slipped between her ass cheeks.
I could hear my wifes breathing increaseas her hips worked from side to side until she said there tight there and he hunched forward and his c*** head popped out between her ass cheeks and he quickly shoved it back down and Sherrys breaths were now ragged as she said a little impateinty there dammit right there and again he thrust and Sherrygrunted had her bodyrose off the bed then steeled back and Manny began to work his c*** into her in short strokes then Sherrys body convuled and she cried out I,m c******.
Manny sat there waiting for her to relax again then with very little effort his c*** slid into her and hes body begna to rais and fall as I stood behind tham and watched his cockstroke in and out of my wife his huge ball sack gently smacking her well rounded ass cheeks with each thrust and the only sounds were their harsh breathing and the slurping sound as hes c*** pumped in and out of her Sherry came a second time and Mannyasked want me to pull out when I c** and Sherry said no I want you to c** in me then his stroked became more determined and again the slapping sounds od his boddy had hers coming together and the harsh breathing was only his I stepped up to look at her and she was watching me with a alf smile and said he,is bigger than you as Manny now had his head beside hers on the pillow frantically raming his didk into her then withouta sound he just stopped and his body begsan to shake uncontrolably and strangeled sounds came out of his throat.
I didnt know if he was c****** or dieing on us but then he began to relax gasping for air as his body also relaxed but his ass was still slowly moving as his c*** emptied its load in my lady.
We talked and now Sherry was more relaxed and Playfully stroked his c*** and teased him by sucking on the head of his c*** and palying with his b**** she was clearly having fun now and he recovered slowly with my wife all over him gently biting his nipples and laughing like a s*** as she explored his bodh sucking his testicals one at a time and sucking on the head of his c*** while stroking his shaft then he was recovered and they laugheed wresteling on the bed and he nailed her boggy fashion then had her in a sissors f****** her as we all talked then she was on her back with her feet kicking up towards the ceiling with each stroke still laughing and talking then he with his c*** still in here rolled off the bed and he stood there and Sherry wrapped her arms around his neck andher legs around his waist as hi lifted her up and dropped her back down on his c*** as He chewed on her b****** and Sherry came again then after about an hour od thei he began to f*** her with her on her back and him sttanding on the flood beside the bed with her ass pulled close He was biting hiss lower lip looking at Sherrys bruised b****** from his sucking and biting and I asked are you going to c** and he said ugh huh his hips moving like a piston then he stopped and pulled back until just the head of his d*** was in her and he began to j******* gritting his teethwith only his c*** head in my wife then he grunted and stood there taking deep breaths as Sherry looked up at him wide eyes and then at me with a smile on her lips and said he,s c****** hon I can feel him c****** in me.
Once more that day they f***** but he was only able to c** again when she sucked him off but Sherry came twice more.

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