Revenge on younger brother

I"m a 31 year old virgin, never been in a relationship or even kissed a girl. My younger brother of 3 years just moved in with me 4 months ago. He has girls over 3-4 nights a week. Hardly ever the same ones, and always sooo sexy. Most of the time he doesn't even bother introducing me he just takes them straight to his room. I know I should help him out with a place to stay while he looks for a job but constantly rubbing my face in all the awesome s** he's having has been really getting on my nerves lately. Tonight he hooked up with a really cute neighbor girl I've been crushing on for the last year, so I swirled his toothbrush in the toilet and then rubbed it on my ass. I seriously hate him.

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  • Lol sweet revenge idiot...meanwhile he’s out boning your dream girl.

  • Loser. You should be his wingman and you may get laid.

  • Sorry man but sounds to me like little bro is still winning...

  • Sucks dude i feel your pain and yeah f*** that guy. some guys have all the luck

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