My neighbor

One day while working on my bathroom I noticed my neighbor in the back yard, I had actually removed the window and was working on repairing the frame when I noticed her.
She noticed me a few seconds later and turned, Smiled and said "Hi neighbor", I replied "Hi" and we waved, She came to the fence and we had a short conversation about what I was doing and she welcomed me to the neighborhood. I was trying not to check her out too much because I had no idea if she was married or had kids or really anything about her.
She is a bit older, but a very attractive woman, Very "Next door neighbor" type, Older but in nice shape, Brunette, Short, Average build, Blue eyes and that day she had shorts on and I could see that she had nice looking legs. We said our goodbyes and she went back to her yardwork but I kept checking her out, Over the course of the next few months I started talking to her a bit more when we would see each other leaving for work or if we noticed each other in the back yard. She is very talkative and would always say "Hi" if she seen me out back over the fence and after a few talks I found out she was unmarried and had never been due to a teen pregnancy then deciding to get her s*** together and concentrate on raising her child who now is actually older than me.
Through our talks I got her age narrowed down to 54-55 years old and honestly I was a bit shocked as I had guessed mid 40's judging by her appearance, I was surprised to hear that she was single and had not even dated in recent years due to the available pool of eligible bachelors being as she put it "Extremely shallow", We started talking more and more and I invited her over for a BBQ one afternoon, She agreed and we ended up sitting and talking until almost 11:00 pm before she said she should go home.
A short while later I had noticed a plumbing truck in front of her house and the next time we spoke I asked about it, She said she was getting some quotes on having a small reno done and I piped up saying "Whoa, Don't do that, You hire someone and they will nickle and dime you to death, Come look at my place", I let her in and showed her some of the work I had done and She was surprised at the quality of work and my attention to detail so I offered to do her mini reno for her, She of course said she would pay me and I refused.
Three months later I had been working on her place and was just finishing up what turned out to be a much bigger job than anticipated but I have to admit that it looked great after, She was so thankful and tried to pay me multiple times for the hours I had put in but again I refused so she said "Well, Let me make you a meal at least", She had made me many meals but I agreed and the next evening I was invited over, She made me a steak and actually a wonderful meal after which we sat and drank some wine just talking. We ended up sitting on the couch and after maybe a bit too much wine I kissed her.
She was shocked at first but I kissed her again and she kissed me back, Next thing I knew we were making out, After some kissing and some over the clothes groping but little to no talking I slid my hand up the back of her shirt, She has soft, Smooth skin and when I found the clasp on her bra I popped it apart before she could even protest. When I did she jumped and her eyes got wide as she puled back and stuttered "Oh...Um...Uh...I" and so I just leaned in and kissed her again.
A few times she had pulled away and tried to stop but she was obviously into what was going on and so was I, I kept gently pushing and she kept stopping and starting. I slid and hand up the front of her shirt and she stiffened up a bit but she has a pretty flat stomach and I slid my hand up cupping one of her b****, She is older and has had a kid so it wasn't a big surprise that her b**** are smaller and a bit saggy but as I massaged it I could feel that her nip was rock hard and quite big. I wanted to see her b**** so I worked her shirt up a bit and got one out but she pulled her top back down.
She was obviously a bit shy with the lights on and I reached over turning off the lamp, It was a bit darker but with the street lights on outside the living room was still lit up well enough that once our eyes adjusted we could see fairly well. After a bit more work I got her laid back on the couch and started kissing her waist working my way up lifting her shirt as I went, Eventually I went for it and she put her arms over her head as I pulled her shirt and bra over her head then tossed both on the floor. She tried to cover her b**** as we kissed again but I softly pulled them away from her chest and she ended up with them on my shoulders. Laying on her back her b**** are quite saggy and small and pretty much disappear leaving her with small, Empty, wrinkly b**** and big, Hard, Wrinkly, bumpy nips.
I worked my way down her neck and chest until I could suck one of her nips into my mouth, Through our conversations I had found out she hadn't dated for a long time and even before her last date she hadn't gotten past a first date for a long time before that so I assumed she hadn't been with anyone for at least that long but as I sucked her nip and pulled back stretching her b*** and then letting her nip slip out of my mouth she took a few short breaths and moaned "Oh...My...God", I alternated back and forth from left to right and couldn't believe how big and hard her nips were, I have never been with anyone older than me and had never seen anything other than young b****, She was grinding her hips and breathing hard when I took her hand and slid it in my jeans, She went right for it and grabbed my shaft moaning "Oh wow", I am not huge but am happy with what I have and obviously so was she, She wrapped her hand around it and started stroking it hard so I undid my pants and she worked them down.
We kept kissing, Groping and undressing each other until we were both naked on the couch, She pushed me back and leaned over me stroking me shaft then looked up at me, Cleared her throat and whispered "Wow" and as I put my hand on the back of her head she opened her mouth and went for it. There is no doubt in my mind that she has given her share of head because she is a master at it. I usually have no problem with stamina but I had to stop her because I couldn't have held out more than a couple minutes.
I started working on her and kissed my way down her body until I spread her knees, She has a nice p****, A bit hairy but well manicured, Trimmed short and bikini line well maintained, She was a bit apprehensive and I could feel that she was having some conflict as to whether or not to let me spread her legs but as I lowered my head she let them spread apart, I dove in and made sure that as soon as I started licking her I leaned back and whispered "Oh my god you are perfect" which made her giggle and then she relaxed a bit, In reality she is actually pretty damned close, She shaves between her legs but keeps a triangle of hair on top and she has just a little bit of pink inner lips peeking out from her puffy pink outer lips which are soft and smooth, She tastes great and has a tiny little c*** that was hard as I worked my tongue between her lips and found it, When I pressed on it with my tongue and worked it a bit she lifted her hips and I cupped her bum, Small, and surprisingly firm little cheeks which I squeezed as I licked her and she grabbed my head pulling me in between her legs, She was grinding on my face and shaking, She would tense up and then release as her whole body shook.
She wrapped one leg around putting it on my back then the other and as I licked her I slid my thumb between her cheeks, She let me rub her backdoor and as I did she started twisting her hips and moaning then she grabbed my head pulling me even tighter to her and pressed her hips against my face before shaking and moaning "OOOOOHHHHH FFFFFFUUUUCCCKKK" and I felt a flood as she came, She was shaking and moaning and when she finished she fell limp on the floor, She was trying to catch her breath and kept trying to talk but couldn't. I laid beside her kissing her neck and groping her very impressive body running my hands over her legs and hips, Her flat stomach and then leaned in and sucked one of her nips, She pulled back and pushed me away saying "Oh s***, No, No, No...Just give me a minute".
I laid there touching her until she caught her breath and after we moved back from the floor where we ended up to the couch again she was more than happy to start making out again, We kissed and groped and this time she laid back pretty much pulling me on top of her, I was just about to put it in when she pushed me back and stood up, I thought she was going to shut things down but instead reached out her hand and led me to the bedroom.
We spent a couple hours in the bedroom and I found out she is multi orgasmic, She got off twice and made sure I did as well, After we were both completely worn out she told me I couldn't stay there and after I got dressed she put on her housecoat and walked me to the door, We kissed and groped at the door for a while before I ended up leaving. The next day I didn't see her but the day after we met on the front sidewalk, Super awkward but we did end up talking and I told her how much I had enjoyed the night, Later she texted me and wanted to talk so I went over and after she told me how it was wrong and talking about our age difference we ended up in bed again.
We have been banging now pretty steady and I am a bit infatuated with her and her body, She is amazing in bed but I have no idea where this will actually go.


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  • Essentially you raped her.

    Coerced her into s**,despite her repeatedly saying no.

    In court you'd be fooked man!!!

  • You make them jealous who are desperate for it. I wouldn't hesitate to rape you as well

  • If you two are happy then carry on your relationship with each other

  • Got damn! I was beginning to think I opened up a book

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