Female Led relationship

I would like to find a woman who likes to be in charge, who wants to dominate her partner and make him like a docile puppy.

Jul 11, 2018

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  • What is the deal with people wanting to either dominate or be dominated? I thought we were intelligent beings, not crap-flinging chimps. Of course, you'd never believe that judging by how at least half of this species can't seem to stop acting like morons.

    Try being a HUMAN first and find something else to fap over besides dom/sub horseshit. Jesus, how pathetic are you?

  • I think the guys dream a weird dream. Look at it objectively. What's in it for her. Even if you get dominated which can be tons of fun. What's in it for her. I very much doubt if she's excited by a puppy.

    I can totally understand a woman wanting a husband who does what he's told and does not pester her for s**. I suspect she wants that same obedient husband to be strong, fit, a really great cook, a person who sees jobs around the house and just does them.

  • The h*** is wrong with you? Man the f*** up. Be the dominant striving badass you are.

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